Tuesday, May 10, 2022

San Francisco Fails the EV Test

Here’s some news to brighten up your morning, or afternoon. In California, the push to replace gas guzzling cars and trucks with battery-powered electric vehicles has hit a snag.

Who would have imagined that the great city of San Francisco in the great state of California would be suffering from a failure of charging stations. That’s right, folks. The infrastructure supporting the push toward electric vehicles is defective. Around a quarter of the charging stations do not function.

Zero Hedge has the good news:

California's bold move toward an EV revolution and eliminating the sale of gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles by 2035 have hit a snag in the liberal utopian city of San Francisco. 

A recent report by David Rempel of the University of California at Berkeley found a quarter of all EV charging stations in the Bay Area were out of order, suggesting current infrastructure isn't ready for the giant leap toward an electrified world. 

The blog quotes Rempel’s report:

In order to achieve a rapid transition to electric vehicle driving, a highly reliable and easy to use charging infrastructure is critical to building confidence as consumers shift from using familiar gas vehicles to unfamiliar electric vehicles ... This study evaluated the functionality of the charging system for 657 EVSE (electric vehicle service equipment) CCS connectors (combined charging system) on all 181 open, public DCFC (direct current fast chargers) charging stations in the Greater Bay Area. An EVSE was evaluated as functional if it charged an EV for 2 minutes or was charging an EV at the time the station was evaluated. Overall, 72.5% of the 657 EVSEs were functional. The cable was too short to reach the EV inlet for 4.9% of the EVSEs. Causes of 22.7% of EVSEs that were non-functioning were unresponsive or unavailable screens, payment system failures, charge initiation failures, network failures, or broken connectors.

California can’t get anything right. But, at least, they are leading the nation and the world in virtue signaling. 


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, California! It's such a bummer when they realize they're NOT as smart as they THINK they are!

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

It is amazing how long California has been able to live in it's own little fantasy world.

Anonymous said...

How many D-Cells would it take to make a Tesla run, and how long would it last??? Just askin'.