Thursday, May 9, 2024

Biden Betrays Israel

Try, try and try again. Such seemed to be the principle that Joe Biden was following when he was facing the current outbreak of anti-Semitism.

Biden offered a series of mealy-mouthed denunciations, most of which were attached to a whine about the Palestinian people. 

After all, Biden has been playing both ends against the middle, working to support Israel while trying to save Hamas.

So, it was noteworthy that Biden, in his most recent pronouncement, did not attach a remark about how Israel should go easy on Hamas.

And yet, before thinking that Biden had what he called a come-to-Jesus moment, he held up the shipment of weapons for Israel. You give with one hand while taking away from the other.

It is simple undisguised cowardice. 

The Wall Street Journal editorializes:

No matter how fiercely the President trumpets his “ironclad” support for Israel, his denial of weapons now puts the Jewish state in danger. Israel is at war, assaulted on multiple fronts. Denying it U.S. arms is an invitation to its enemies to take advantage, in hostage talks and on the battlefield.

Danielle Pletka of the American Enterprise Institute writes this:

But arming Israel to defeat a terrorist organization that holds American hostages, that has killed Americans, and that seeks to annihilate all of Israel - that’s a bloody red line? How can any self respecting American patriot & lover of democracy not be ashamed by this man?

Sunny Right posts this on Twitter:

Joe Biden opposed the mission to kill Bin Laden. Joe Biden opposes the mission to end Hamas. Joe Biden's commitment to allowing terrorists to live is unwavering. His commitment to our allies and national security, not so much.

And Newt Gingrich offers this:

So President Biden is joining the pro-terrorist, pro Hamas students in opposing Israel when he says “I’m not supplying the weapons”. So Israel can cave in to pro-terrorist blackmail or insist on defending itself. Biden may be committing the most despicable betrayal of an ally in our history.

However many votes Biden gained in Michigan, he also lost the votes of many American patriots. Some people are tired of being embarrassed by Biden.

Perhaps, at the end of the day, the problem is less what he had said, but his actions against Israel and his support for certain kinds of anti-Semitism.

Like it or not, say it or not, the outburst of anti-Semitism on America’s college campuses is taking place on Joe Biden’s watch. The same is true of October 7 and the wars in the Middle East and Ukraine. 

In the best of all possible worlds, there would not be any wars. In truth, when the previous president was in charge, such wars were not happening. You might not like that and you might find it offensive to think that Joe Biden’s weakness and cowardice provoked wars, but such is reality.

In the meantime, America has been shocked and surprised by the explosion of anti-Semitism. Didn’t FBI Director Christopher Wray assure us that the real threat to the country lay in white supremacists? Imagine his shock when he saw anti-Semitism rising up from the bowels of the American left? Assuming that he noticed.

I have already hypothesized that the irrational and hysterical hatred of one Donald Trump is the basis for anti-Semitism. After all, Trump was unabashedly pro-Israeli.

And yet, when it comes to public statements, one person who has maintained a cowardly silence about anti-Semitism was none other than Barack Hussein Obama. Was he not a graduate of Columbia University?

Shawn Fleetwood lays out the case in The Federalist:

One would imagine the erection of illegal encampments and harassment of Jewish students at Columbia and other American universities would prompt outcry from any former president. Donald Trump, for example, has repeatedly condemned these demonstrators and their anti-Israeli sentiments. But for Obama, the task is seemingly too difficult.

Since the launch of the Columbia encampments last month, Obama has issued a smattering of posts on X, none of which address leftists’ takeover of campuses throughout the country. While the former president wished Jews a happy Passover on April 22, he couldn’t be bothered to condemn the antisemitic behavior on display at his alma mater or any of America’s post-secondary institutions.

If you are surprised, you haven’t been paying attention. If you honestly believed that a man who had spent two decades at the feet of a hate preacher named Jeremiah Wright but who then discarded it all when it was inconvenient, did not find Wright’s anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism to be congenial, you missed the point.

So, under Obama’s leadership the Democratic Party has become a cesspool of anti-Semitism:

Obama’s embrace and tolerance of antisemites and corporate media’s refusal to hold him accountable for it is responsible for the anti-Israel radicalism rampant throughout the modern left. By giving Obama a pass for his controversial behavior and prior associations with people like Wright and Farrakhan, Democrats — willingly or unwillingly — deemed it OK for anti-American radicals who harbor the worst sentiments about Jews to join the party’s ranks.

Keep in mind, Obama wanted to have a nuclear deal with Iran. And he despised the Israeli prime minister, one Benjamin Netanyahu, especially when this latter addressed the American Congress and denounced said nuclear deal.

Fleetwood explains:

Coupled with Obama’s pro-Iran foreign policy, this also altered Democrats’ views on Israel. Having previously viewed U.S. support for Israel to be a positive development, today the Democrat Party now opposes Israel’s right to defend itself from Hamas and Iranian-backed attackers to appease their antisemitic wing.

One notes that the Trump administration renounced the Iran nuclear deal and worked to defund the terrorist nation. It was friendly with Netanyahu.

And that the Biden administration made kowtowing to Iran a basic element of its foreign policy, to the point of failing to enforce sanctions against it. The result, Iran accumulated tens of billions of dollars by selling oil, and used that money to fund Hamas and Hezbollah and the Houthis in Yemen.

We await Congressional response to Biden’s betrayal of Israel.

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Klure G. Mann said...

Regarding treatment of the Jews, the Bible says in Genesis 12:3, “And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse.” Get ready for it.

Anonymous said...

Wish BO had not changed "line in the sand," traditional American idiom, to "red line" (out of ignorance.)

It's like when he changed "throw her to the wolves" to "throw her under the bus." Duh.

Reminder on this and his anti-Jewish sentiments -- he spent his formative years, we all know, in an islamic country.....He sprinkled like-minded people all through the bureaucracy...