Monday, May 6, 2024

Joe Biden's Storm Troopers

The Queen of Jordan understands it all. The student demonstrators who have set up encampments on college campuses across America are not defending the Palestinian cause or even Hamas. According to the Queen, they are idealists fighting for justice.

At some point, such platitudes become completely empty. One might say that the Israeli Defense Force are visiting justice on Hamas. Would it not be a grave injustice if Hamas survives the Israeli invasion?

Besides, when you pull back the veil you will also understand that Jordan, the world’s largest Palestinian state, refuses to take in any more Palestinian refugees. Idem for Egypt. 

Naturally, those who have been trying to understand the protest movement have been drawn to looking for an analogy. The protests of 1968 seem to fit the bill, even though the anti-war demonstrators of that time were threatened with conscription whereas none of today’s pro-Hamas group is about to be sent over to fight against the IDF.

The more important point is that the American administration, joined by certain Jewish members of Congress, has wildly excoriated the prime minister of Israel. For all of its chatter about being even handed, Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer and now Jerald Nadler have spent more time and effort attacking Israel and blaming it all on Benjamin Netanyahu.

Surely, the effort to remove a leader in the middle of a war does not count as support. It gives aid and comfort to anti-Semitism.

Strangely enough, the revolutionaries that are camped out American quads are simply following the orders laid down by Joe Biden. Surely, he and his satraps have fomented anti-Semitism. 

Even as it has been sending munitions to Israel, administration spokespeople have balanced it with anti-Israel propaganda. This is called giving aid and comfort to Hamas, persuading them that they need not surrender, because Joe Biden will defend their cause.

As for the cause of the outburst of anti-Semitism, the only hatred that aligns with the protesters’ hatred of Israel is the hatred of one Donald Trump. I have previously noted that Trump might well be considered America’s first Jewish president. Could it be that years worth of vitriol thrown at Donald Trump produced a generation of young people that believe it acceptable to hate Jews?

So, a few words about irrational hatred. If Donald Trump is the Devil Incarnate, as Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe argued, then everything he did had to be bad or evil. Even if it appeared to be constructive or positive, it was still designed to trick you into thinking that Trump had some redeeming features.

Normally, you can find both good and bad in any politician. You will choose which one outweighs the other, but you will not judge one as irredeemably evil while the other is the sum of all evils.

When you condemn a politician by declaring him to be the Antichrist, you are obliged to destroy him. If a normal person would consider the Abraham Accords to be a significant achievement, those who see Trump as the Devil Incarnate must reject that judgment. They cannot accept Trump’s pro-Israeli foreign policy. 

Those who rejected the Abraham Accords declared that they were flawed because they did not address the Palestinian question. Such was the view of dopey John Kerry and he spoke for many on the American left.

Trump made great progress because he sidelined Palestinian terrorists, did not give them a seat at the table. On the contrary the Biden administration seems hellbent on recognizing their legitimacy. Biden himself grants Palestinians equal status with Israelis. He cannot denounce anti-Semitism without adding a denunciation of Islamophobia-- which barely exists in America.

If Trump worked well with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that could only mean that Netanyahu was a very bad man. 

It was not merely progressive politicians, most of whom have been notably anti-Semitic, but the groups that are funding the riotous protests tend to be major Democratic Party donors. This includes George Soros, of course, but also the Tides Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and even the Pritzkers.

So, Joe Biden’s Storm Troopers are fighting the good fight against Donald Trump. If that means taking the war to Jews, so be it. 

They have been induced to live in a fictional world where they need have but one political goal, destroying Trump. That means, denouncing everything he has done or will do.

Like Hamas these new Storm Troopers have but a single goal, to destroy. They do not have a platform; they do not have programs they want to enact; they merely want Hamas to win and Israel to lose.

Now that the Biden administration, for all of its tough talk about supporting Israel, has held up weapons shipments to the Jewish state, you can see that Biden is trying to save Hamas. 

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