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Who are the Real Anti-Semites?

The constant drumbeat of anti-Israeli propaganda from the American left has produced a desired result. As the Washington Post reports, a poll taken by The Economist shows that, by 54% to 14% Democrats believe that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza.

So, as leftist anti-Semitism engulfs American campuses-- places where any conservative voices are not even allowed, the New York Times has run two articles blaming it all on-- you guessed it-- Republicans and Donald Trump.

So, Republicans have stood up for Israel. The Republican Speaker of the House went to Columbia University to meet with and to show solidarity with Jewish students. The Trump administration gave us the Abraham Accords and a decidedly pro-Israel foreign policy while the Biden administration has sucked up to the Palestianian cause and Gaza.

The New York Times weighs the evidence and declares that campus anti-Semitism was caused by Republicans and Donald Trump, because they have criticized globalism and even with George Soros.

So, the Times has fully embraced being a propaganda rag. It takes considerable chutzpah to describe Soros merely as a “holocaust survivor.”

The truth is that the young Soros, roughly age 12, was placed under the special protection of a Gestapo officer. What he had to do to receive such consideration, we do not know. Nor do we believe that a 12 year old should have been prosecuted for having collaborated with the Third Reich. 

So, Soros, who has never much shown himself to be Jewish, was saved by the Gestapo. How this impacted his developing mind, we do not know. But, the notion that criticizing Soros represents anti-Semitism is not merely ignorant. It is deranged.

Jonathan Tobin offers a reality check in the Jewish News Syndicate:

Soros is Jewish but has always eschewed any expression of Jewish identity or support for Jewish causes or Israel. If conservatives focus on his influence, it is because it is so pervasive since his foundation has given away more money than any other such group in the world. By itself, his campaign to elect soft-on-crime prosecutors in cities throughout the United States has done as much damage to this country as that of any contemporary individual. And though the Times seeks to downplay it, his foundation has also been a major source of funding for groups that are helping to organize the pro-Hamas and antisemitic protests, as well as those in Israel that work to support terrorists and their apologists.

Tobin makes clear a point that others have made, namely, that leftist ideologies, especially in the universities and the media, have taught college students to hate Jews:

… the principal engines of antisemitism in 2024 America are left-wing ideologies like critical race theory and intersectionality, which grant a permission slip to Jew-hatred. The pervasive influence of these toxic ideas in American education has helped to indoctrinate largely ignorant students to parrot what earlier generations might have easily understood to be Soviet-era Marxist propaganda about Zionism being racism and Israel being an “apartheid state” against which all “resistance”—even the orgy of rape, torture, kidnapping and wanton destruction that Palestinians carried on Oct. 7—can be justified.

And he is correct to call it a secular religion:

And it is only through belief in the orthodoxies of this new secular religion can one conclude that Israel—the democratic nation that was attacked—is a genocidal “white” oppressor (even though the majority of Israeli Jews are people of color since they trace their origins to the Middle East or North Africa) and that the real genocidal terrorists of Hamas and their Palestinian supporters are victims deserving of sympathy and support.

While he writes opinion pieces and does not report the facts, Tommy Friedman, the Biden-administration apologist, has insisted that the problem in Israel and Gaza is Benjamin Netanyahu. That is to say, at a time when Israel is engaged in a war for its survival, Tommy Friedman considers that it is good to join the propaganda wars by offering up a heaping pile of blame for the Israeli prime minister.

In his latest column Friedman writes this:

…. the move has enabled Benjamin Netanyahu to deflect attention from the fact that the most dangerous leader threatening Israel today is not Biden but Bibi.

Israeli decision-making in the current war has been granted to a war cabinet. All members of said cabinet support the way the war is being conducted. With any luck they did not consult with Tommy Friedman about how best to conduct a war.

Strangely, Friedman declares that Biden is the most pro-Israeli president in American history. The charge is absurd on its face:

… the most pro-Israel president in U.S. history, the man who rushed to save Israel from Hamas on Oct. 7 and from Iran on April 13. 

Of course, Biden might have rushed to Israel because he felt guilty for what happened.

Friedman forgets that were it not for Biden fecklessness and his projection of foreign policy weakness, the events of October 7 most likely would not have happened. Again, Donald Trump gave us the Abraham Accords and Joe Biden gave us October 7. Which one is a better friend of Israel?

And yet, as I have occasionally noted, the thrust of the Friedman argument is to absolve Joe Biden of the consequences of his foreign policy. No more and certainly no less.

And Friedman could have read his own newspaper where Peter Baker wrote this:

Biden privately threatened to rethink his support for the war in a private call with Netanyahu in February, two months before doing so publicly, but the White House didn't put it into the readout of the call to try to avoid a public blowup. 

With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Besides, the Biden administration has been trying to micromanage the war from the onset. When Israel wanted to flood the Hamas tunnels, the Biden administration told them to restrain themselves.

According to Friedman, the problem is that Netanyahu does not have a Palestinian partner for peace. This is as stupid as the rest of his column since those who chant-- from the river to the sea-- are not calling for a partnership with Israel. They are promoting the annihilation of Israel, down to the last Jew.

The Palestinian Authority has no interest in allying itself with Israel. It is allied with Hamas, supported by the vast majority of people in Gaza.

In truth, the Biden administration interference in Israeli military affairs has taught Hamas that they need but hold out, that they need not surrender.

Besides, Friedman ignores the fact that the head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, has notably uttered numerous anti-Semitic statements.

Thanks to the New York Times and the Biden administration, indulging in constant trash talk about Israel, that nation is not winning the propaganda war.

On 24 August 2023, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas claimed that the Holocaust was not caused by antisemitism, but that Hitler ‘fought’ the Jews because they dealt with ‘usury, money and so on’.

Abbas has made similar antisemitic remarks in the past. In a May 2023 speech at the UN, he likened Israelis to Nazis, saying that they ‘lie like Goebbels’. In August 2022, he accused Israel of having committed ‘50 holocausts’ against the Palestinians[3] and in 2018, he claimed that the Holocaust was caused by the ‘social role’ of Jews as money lenders. 

Unfortunately, such hatred continues to be taught through Palestinian schoolbooks, which are ultimately financed by the EU[4].

And then there is this sidelight. Consider the case of one Maher Bitar. He works for the Biden administration, as special counsel and as director of intelligence and defense programs at the National Security Council.

Who is he? Consider this:

Of course, he was already appointed by the Obama administration, where he managed the "Israeli-Palestinian case".

Before that, as a student, he was the president of the #Islamist extremist and #antisemitic organisation SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) at Georgetown University in #USA.

#SJP is the most violent student organisation in the United States against #Jews today. 

Members of this organisation blew up dozens of events Israelis brought to U.S. campuses over the past decade. In many cases also physical attacks that ended in police investigations.

This is also the organisation leading many of the protests going on now against #Israel on campuses.

And another interesting fact. In 2007 Maher was working at #UNRWA

So, the Biden administration, following the Obama administration, hired and empowered a raving anti-Semite. Ifyou are asking yourself who is in charge, this offers a glimmer of a response.

As for the looming question, how do you negotiate with evil. The answer is, you do not. You destroy it.

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