Friday, January 29, 2010

"At Least, I Wasn't the Edwards Girl!"

It happens to all great infatuations. Eventually, the blinders come off and you get to see the object of your undying affection, warts and all. Often it is not a pretty sight.

You discover that you have really fallen in love with a mirage. The more you yearned for it, the more you invested in it, the more painful is the realization that the mask is all there is.

Last night the famous Obamagirl, aka, Amber Lee Ettinger, was interviewed by Sean Hannity. Link here, via Instapundit.

If you click through the link you will see both the interview and the video that made Obamagirl a household name.

Having been told that Obama supporters acted rationally while those who voted against him were consumed by irrational angers, it is useful to study Obamagirl's cogent analysis of her own attraction to the candidate.

She fell for Obama, developed a crush on him, not because of an affinity for his policies, but because she lusted after his person. It was just like the beginning of a relationship, she explained.

So much for deliberative decision-making.

Considering how quickly her original video went viral, it is fair to say that many young people who were drawn to Obama by something other than policy analysis.

As Sean Hannity pointed out, Obamagirl's best line was: "At least, I wasn't the Edwards girl."

I was also intrigued when she expressed regret, even peeve, approaching anger, that no one from the Obama campaign sent her a note of appreciation for her efforts on the candidate's behalf.

When you put out for someone and get nothing in return your passion will not long endure.

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