Friday, January 15, 2010

Martha Coakley and the Amirault Case

With all of America's political attention fixed on the upcoming election for Senator from Massachusetts, it is good that Dorothy Rabinowitz again takes up the case of the Amirault family. Link here.

Easily one of the most grotesque miscarriages of justice in our time, the Massachusetts case destroyed the lives of three people... because prosecutors and social workers wanted to stoke the hysteria about child abuse and advance their political careers.

Massachusetts Attorney General and Senate candidate Martha Coakley was not involved in the initial prosecution. She came late to the game. Yet, she managed to make one aspect of it her own. In defiance of the accumulated evidence, in an abuse of justice, she insisted on relentlessly persecuting a man who had spent eighteen years on jail, based on manifestly nonsensical evidence.

Having to choose between fact and fiction, between reason and emotion, between justice and injustice... Coakley chose the latter.

As Rabinowitz says, Coakley's behavior speaks ill of her character.

As you read the synopsis of the story in the above link, you will find yourself thinking that this could not possibly have happened in America. And you will ask yourself why only one intrepid reporter, Dorothy Rabinowitz, had the courage to pursue truth and justice in the Amirault case.

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