Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mistakes Job Applicants Make

Given the current economic environment it still seems useful for everyone to keep their job application skills in the best shape.

I continue to regret that the articles that want to help you to land your next job often emphasize what you should not do. The same applies to this one, "Not Getting Hired? 10 Reasons Why." Link here.

It may feel like a distinction without a difference, but we all need to know how to get hired, not why we are not getting hired. Accentuating the negative is not going to put you in the right frame of mind for that interview.

Yet, I link this article anyway, for a good reason. As you are reading it, try doing this exercise: take each of the negative qualities that the article points out and define a positive quality that you can work on and build.

Where the article says that you should not lie, on your resume or in your self-presentation, you will emphasize honesty, truthfulness, and integrity.

Among other positive qualities, you would list respect, engagement in the conversation, preparedness, perseverance, and professionalism.

The good qualities unsuccessful job applicants often lack constitute nothing more or less than good character.

In the end, character will out, sometimes more than sterling qualifications. As I have said previously, employers can teach you job skills, but they cannot teach you a good attitude.

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