Friday, April 30, 2010

A Great Day for Women?

You may or may not know, but Iran has just been named a member of the United Nations Commission for the Status of Women. Link here and here.

What did the Obama administration have to say about this farce? Nothing.

Hillary Clinton was perfectly capable of going to Canada and reproaching the Canadians for their abortion policies, and she has insisted that her foreign policy would be especially attuned to women's issues, but her United Nations ambassador had nothing to say about putting Iran on a Commission about the status of women.

When it comes to offending the mullahs all that talk about speaking truth to power becomes just that, a lot of talk.

[For those who would like a more comprehensive and frightening article on the way Iran treats women, I recommend this story by Tim Cavanaugh at Link here.]


Ralph said...

I notice that too, how liberals brag about speaking truth to power when they have nothing to risk, except being made fun of here at home. As the CNBC reporter recently stated, Obama is a bully. And from my experience bullies always pick on those they percieve as being easily victimized. Like the Canadians, I guess, or American citizens who disagree politically.

Hillary was never a defender of the dignity and respect of women in society. I tend to like the tract Mark Sanford's wife took much better in dealing with the humiliating public ordeal of marital infidelity. She has ended up with a much more dignified image than her husband, and I think you could argue as much sympathy, if not more, than Hillary did after she found out Bill lied. As evidenced in the Edwards case, it takes truly trashy treatment by liberal men to make liberal women abandon them.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

I agree with you totally that Jenny Sanford is the one who walked away with her dignity in tact. I felt that she was the best role model. Hillary was merely an enabler; Bill Clinton's cheating was part of the package, and she did everything in her power to protect him. For which, I would add, she has been rewarded. Amazing...