Thursday, April 8, 2010

Women's Inhumanity to Women, Next Chapter

In the history of women's inhumanity to women, count this story as the newest chapter. This report from the Masters Golf Tournament says it all: "High Roller Wives "On a Mission" to Snare Tiger." Link here.

And, no, they are not preparing to run off on a hunting safari to India. Truth be told, the women who hang around golf tournaments, wives of the players and other guests, have set their sights on Tiger Woods. And no, that does not mean that they will be following his round with special attention. They are not studying his drives or his putts or his play out of the rough.

In fact, they are trying to seduce him. Who would have imagined that after all the pain that Tiger has put his wife through these recent months, and with all the natural empathy these women feel for Elin Nordegren Woods, they would set out to lure the world-famous philanderer to their lair?

It may not be quite at the same level as bullying, but it certainly counts under the category of women's inhumanity to women. Julia Baird of Newsweek fame, just tweeted that it made her want to shoot herself. I hope she doesn't. The women in question are not worth it.

At the least, let us grant that however much the world-- not including the golf world-- is horrified by Tiger's behavior, he could not have done it alone. It would be nice if we used this occasion to try to gain a more balanced, less idealized, view of feminine behavior. Blaming it all on the man does not cover us in moral glory.

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