Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Obama's Hubris

Hardly a day goes by when someone, myself included, does not make note of our president's exceptional and boundless narcissism. It is fair to mention that none of the liberal intellectuals who make it their business to call out conservatives for being mentally defective have noticed this rather flagrant flaw in our president.

The other day Obama must have been in an especially expansive mood, because he claimed, all by himself, to have improved American democracy.

To which James Taranto, of Best of the Web fame, responded, in one of the best expressions of what so many people find annoying about Obama, as follows: "What rankles, though, is Obama's habit of putting down America while praising himself. The laughable assertion that Obama has taken "historic steps to improve our own democracy," shows not humility but extreme vanity. A truly humble president would occasionally evince some doubt as to whether he is worthy to lead America. Obama seems to doubt whether America is worthy to be led by him." Link here.

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