Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jewish American Democrats and Israel

Jennifer Rubin reports this morning that Jewish American Democrats are catching on to Obama's Israel policy and do not like it a bit. We cannot say that same of Jewish Democratic politicians, like California Congressman Brad Sherman. At a recent meeting with his constituents at Temple Aliyah in Woodland Hills, CA, Congressman Sherman was faced with a congregation full of angry Jewish constituents. Link here.

In response he did not defend Israel; he did not stand up for Israel. He defended Obama; he stood up for Obama. He declared that Obama was more pro-Israel than any other American president. As they say, explain that to the Israelis.

Surely, this was a shameful performance. But it demonstrates the failure of Jewish political leaders to speak up for Israel. Being faced with the stark choice between defending Israel against a direct assault and defending their president, Jewish Democrats seem to have opted for Obama. Perhaps they fear that if they criticize Obama they will drive Jewish voters into the Republican column.

Whatever the reason, as the meeting in Woodland Hills showed, they will have to answer to their own constituents. For now the attitude of Brad Sherman deserves the opprobrium of the Temple Aliyah congregation. We are all waiting to hear from senior Democratic politicians, like Chuck Schumer and Barbara Boxer. Are they going to be profiles in courage or will they reveal themselves to be pusillanimous wimps.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your interpersonal dynamic analyses of national events, personalities, trends, pathologies....


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Stuart Schneiderman said...

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