Monday, June 14, 2010

Anger on the Left

If you thought that those Tea Partiers were angry, what do you make of Rep. Bob Etheridge (D, NC)? Here' a video and a story about how Rep. Etheridge assaulted a college student because the student had asked whether he supported the Obama agenda.


Mike said...

I've been to several tea party rallies, and noticed that the range of skills represented by the people there is extensive. You could have your car repaired, plumbing installed, or a contract prepared, in fact the attendees at even a small rally could probably form a functioning society among themselves.

What do Bernstein and Lilla bring to the table?

Mike said...

Sorry the above if for the next post- clicked on wrong comment button - early - no coffee yet.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Thanks for reminding us that Lilla and Bernstein pretend to provide us with a definitive take on the Tea Party... without ever having met anyone who belongs to it or without ever having attended a Tea Party rally.