Monday, June 28, 2010

Jim Cramer Gets It

Last Thursday the great Jim Cramer wrote an article about American malaise. Link here. The faultor cause of this malaise, he opined, lay in the poor leadership of our president, Barack Obama. As he entitled his article: "Obama is bad for stocks."

I would have written a comment on the Yahoo site where I found the article, but that seems not to be possible. My question is simple: how did it happen that Jim Cramer and the majority of his financial wizard friends did not see this before last week? And don't you think that Cramer owes his dwindling fan base something of an explanation for the fact that, when it came to the 2008 election, his judgment went off the rails.

For my own contemporaneous take on Cramer's support for Obama, here's a post from October, 2008. Link here.

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