Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"The Left's Sexual Terrorism"

An anonymous commenter to a previous post recommended that I take a look at Robin of Berkeley's article: "The Left's Sexual Terrorism." I just did, and I found it remarkable.

In it Robin recounts the way leftist radicals during the Vietnam era treated women. It is shocking and frightening. For those of you who have either forgotten what it was like or were not around to see it yourselves, I am posting a link here.

Historically, the post-1960s feminist wave arose as a response to the treatment radical women had been receiving from radical males. Call it a rebellion against the patriarchy, but it was more a rebellion against the SDS and the Weathermen.

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RileyD, nwJ said...

Want a real look at the Left's Sexual Terrorism? Go to David Horwitz's Remembering Susan for both an absolutely horrifying story of abuse and addiction followed by a redemption of sorts. I refer to it often for the definition of addiction provided by Susan.