Monday, June 7, 2010

Juan Williams on Crisis Mismanagement

Yesterday on Fox News Sunday Juan Williams offered one of the clearest and most succinct-- and high concept-- explanations of what wrong with Obama's leadership.

In Williams' words: "... when it comes to the crisis, when it comes to the gulf oil spill, the wars, the recession, they [the Obama administration] feel as if it's being imposed on them, rather than taking the helm. I think that's what Americans are sensing right here. ... Are you able to handle a crisis in a convincing way that inspires confidence? And so far the president hasn't done that."

This does not require too much commentary, but surely the difference between competent and incompetent crisis management is that the incompetent manager acts as though the crisis is being imposed on him while competent manager takes charge, seizes the challenge, even to the point of making it look like he has been waiting for it.

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