Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Last Word on Feminism

For those of you who do not read all of the comments on the blog, commenter Chuck Pelto just offered us a link to the Xtranormal take on feminism. It's very funny, though probably less so for feminists. In any case, it's well worth relinking. Link here.


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Anonymous said...

TO: All
RE: I....

....would LOVE to see this become a Cross-X debate topic for the next high school debate season: 2011-12.

RESOLVED: That modern feminism has helped women in the United States.

The feminists in high school would blow major gaskets trying to defend the Negative. And they might actually learn something before its too late.

But I'll settle for it as a Public Forum debate topic.


[Ever stop to think, and then forget to start again?]

Anonymous said...

P.S. The Public Forums might develop into major 'bitch-slapping' in the Cross-Fire rounds. A camcorder might catch an America's Funniest Home Videos Grand Prize.

Cappy said...

Everything is less humorous to feminists.

Anonymous said...

TO: Cappy
RE: Indeed

There is nothing as 'hate-filled' as a reformed somethingorother: reformed smoker, reformed priest, etc.

Not sure as to the psychology of it, but there it is. I had a 'reformed' Roman Catholic Priest, i.e., probably defrocked by his bishop, for a 'facilitator' at a corporate mandatory 'diversity' training. Never say someone who hated God and church so much in my life. And HE was supposed to help me appreciate other peoples' opinions??!?!??!

Feminists might be considered 'reformed' women. Anything that smacks of true feminism, i.e., the 'classic' form of womanhood, is anathema to them. Women who behave as classic women are treated as heretics, worthy of burning at the stake.


[If you can't laugh at yourself, you're taking yourself entirely too seriously.]

P.S. And maybe that's an indication of some deep psychosis.

Anonymous said...

P.P.S. Maybe it's just a form of neurosis....that someone can't laugh at themselves. However, when it comes to this newer, strident form of feminism, it certainly does resemble psychosis, in my own honestly held opinion.

Dennis said...

Anyone who took a real look at the direction of feminism has to have realized that feminism is a self limiting as well as a self destructive philosophy. It is misandry at its core.
Every case no matter how noble or necessary is always taken over by the radicals and becomes an anathema to those who thought it a good idea. I can think of no cause that has not been taken over by radicals and degraded to the point of being unrecognizable by the originators.
Much of what we see today is the break down of much of the 60's progressive ideas. There is a lot of fire, noise and protestations, but when looked at as a whole does not, in this country, amount to very much except in the mind of the "media."
One only has to look at the numbers for this last push by the unions and the Left. It was, even with the busing in of what turned out to be more "astroturf" than anything, an abysmal turnout.
Feminism, not unlike the Democrat party for Reagan, abandoned most women and if truth be told did not and does not care about women. What men and the women who love them need to do is just hold the course and feminism will destroy itself. Feminism is illogical, irrational and built on hatred of anything male.
Question. If women are so smart and men are so dumb why do feminists fear single sex schools? I would posit that they know that boys would excel in this environment. As long as we have the education systems we have feminists can do everything in their power to hold boys at a disadvantage.
Up until the advent of radical feminism boys were doing just fine.
There were some studies done years ago where the had mothers come into a room where the babies were dressed in male and female outfits. The mothers were left to assumed that the clothing was gender appropriate. Where the mothers thought they were little girls the children got far more attention, touch and loving than those the mothers thought they were boys. As I remember this study was done several times with the same results.
I live in a state that gets a lot of tourists which contains a significant number of families and I notice a somewhat similar trend. Though we were in a store yesterday and this young woman was there with her young son and one could tell she love that child. It was a joy to behold.

Anna Schafer said...

The feminists in high school would blow major gaskets trying to defend the Negative. And they might actually learn something before its too late.feminism