Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Making Charlie Sheen Look Rational

Everyone has been trying to figure out the difference between Barack Obama's actions in Libya and George Bush's in Iraq. Fortunately for us all, the crowd over at Xtranormal has just put up a video that explains it all. I guarantee, it will make your day: Link here.


Dennis said...

It is rather enjoyable to watch the gyrations of the Left trying to justify that which they have condemned before. It does make one wonder what are the true principles held by the Left or do they really have any.
Between the feminists, MSM, unions and every other group on the Left creating a giant house of hypocrisy and double speak one begins to sense real fear. One does not need to go to the lengths the Left is going to in trying to tell their opposition to STFU if one is winning.
I wish them all the kindness, respect, courtesy, et al that they have shown those who challenge their ideas. May they bask in the glory of their own actions thus applied to them.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

I almost think that we have gotten so used to this hypocrisy, double talk, that we take it for granted. We no longer imagine that the great minds on the left have anything resembling integrity, so when we see them justifying something that they have spent their lives condemning, we tend to turn off.

Thanks to Dennis for emphasizing how pathetic this all really is.

Dennis said...

Can one even name a great mind on the Left who could even match Daniel Patrick Moynihan? Where is the Leftist equivalent of William Buckley? One who could logically and with some semblance of reason explain their ideas and positions. What one gets is pejoratives, name calling, et al that never seeks to provide a rationale. It should not surprise anyone that most of the "leading lights" on the Left are comedians.
It is all hate and no substance. Where is the who, how, what, where, and when of the much sought after revolution? I never see these question addressed on any issue. All we get is words like hope and change which is never defined. Empty words spoken by an empty suit.