Friday, March 4, 2011

More on the Runaway Mom

This afternoon our friend and fellow blogger Artemis Retriever posted about her own experience as the child of a runaway mother. It brings clearly into focus the fact that the story that the Runaway Mom, Rehna Rizzuto, is telling and selling leaves out the most important detail:what it is like to be the left-behind child. Thanks to Retriever for giving that child a voice. Link here.

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Anonymous said...

TO: All
RE: Another 'Runaway' Mom....

....who didn't come back.

An Hopi Indian woman went to war, e.g., Gulf War II. She was a member of an Army Maintenance Company that was in the follow-on echelon into Iraq.

The company in-convoy was ambushed. She and a few others, including the pretty young blonde were taken prisoners of war by the Iraqi ambushing force.

Later, when the blonde was rescued, it was discovered that all of the other POWs taken had been executed in the vicinity of the hospital where they were being held.

The Hopi Indian 'left behind' children and apparently no father to take care of them, as far as I know. I hope the tribe did well by them.