Monday, March 21, 2011

Sarah Palin in Israel

As opposed to Barack Obama, many liberal Americans, and and nearly all progressive Europeans, Sarah Palin is unabashedly and unashamedly pro-Israel.

For reasons that escape comprehension this has made her no friends among American Jews.

Today, as part of her world tour, she is traveling in Israel.

Her message to the Israelis was clear, concise, and correct. It was the kind of high concept thinking that is the secret to her success.

Speaking to her guides Palin said: “Why are you apologizing all the time?”  Link here.


Anonymous said...

"For reasons that escape comprehension this has made her no friends among American Jews."

Liberalism is more important to them than the state of Israel.

It can't be understood. It's something that just is.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

I fear that you're right. It's a sad state of affairs.

Cappy said...

Stu - being of the Hebrewite persuasion myself, and not frum, leaves me with this existential question, which you may want to ponder at some time:

Reform leadership - are they nuts, or what? Since when did they all become Quakers? I don't see much pacifism in the Torah!

Atlanta Roofing said...

She can't let go of the fact that someone like Obama beat her in 2008 and she's trying to get revenge by beating him and making the world, who knows who she lost to, think that Obama is the worst president in history, just like "you know who" wants people to think Obama's administra¬tion is the most corrupted in history.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

No one is suggesting that anyone automatically support Israel. Yet, the fact that Israel is the shining example of a democratic, free market country in the Middle East ought to lead most Americans to support a country that embodies our values.

Of course, American Jews in very large numbers voted for a president who is markedly in favor of the positions articulated by the Palestinians, especially the issue of settlements.

And American Jews voted for a president who excoriated Israel for building settlements but who has just minor criticism for Palestinian rock attacks.

It's one thing to say that American Jews do not have an obligation to support Israel. But does that really excuse their supporting a president who has clearly taken sides against the Jewish state?

Therapy Culture said...

If I'm pro-Jewish state then I have to be pro-Sunni state, pro-Shiite state, pro-Catholic state, pro-Southern Baptist state, pro-Lutheren state, pro-Pagan state, pro-Rastafarian state, and pro-every religion and subsect that exists out there state.

I'm not.

I'm pro-separation of church and state State.

Besides, most of these European Jews that have been and are being shipped over there don't even care about their rleigion enough to practice it.

Better to keep Israel has a spiritual tourism site - "The Holy Land" - where spiritual tourists can go for pilgrimage and retreat and then return to their homelands after "getting in touch with their spiritual side".

Sam L. said...

Atlanta Roofing,

It is not Sarah who is making many people think Obama is the worst president ever. Sarah doesn't get the hours of air time and acres of newsprint that Obama does. So unless you think she's really, really clever, it can't be Sarah doing that. And I'm pretty sure you don't think she's any kind of clever.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Sarah Palin gets an awful lot of attention. While I don't think she is the most brilliant politician around-- any more than I think that Obama is brilliant-- she is certainly not a fool, either.

I don't think that she is trying to get revenge or that she is responsible for people thinking that Obama is a bad president.

Actually, Obama is responsible for convincing people that he is a bad president.

Palin and other Republican women drive liberals up the wall for entirely different reasons.