Monday, June 6, 2011

Anthony Weiner: Truth or Consequences

Anthony Weiner told the truth, or at least we have been led to believe.

Anthony Weiner feels deeply ashamed of his behavior, or so he would lead us to believe.

Anthony Weiner insists that he takes total responsibility for his actions, or so he says.

Yet, he did not fall on his sword; he did not resign his office; he declared that he is going back to work.

Perhaps in today’s Clintonian Democratic party you take responsibility when you say that you are taking responsibility. It reminds me of Janet Reno’s heartfelt apology for ordering the attack on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco some years back. Dozens of human beings were incinerated in the attack, many of them children.

Janet Reno went before a Congressional committee and declared, her face trembling,  that she felt really, really bad about it. As did we all.

She did not resign. This told us that she did not take responsibility. Unless she was not the one who gave the order-- a plausible idea-- she did not feel sufficiently responsible to pay a price for her dereliction.

The same applies to the unfortunate Congressman from Queens.

Like Janet Reno, he is all truth, no consequences.

While he may be telling the truth, Weiner's failure to accept any consequences beyond his own bad feelings tells us that his shame is a sham. He feels very badly for having been caught, but he does not accept that his actions reflect on his character or on his ability to do his job.

Given the amount of salacious and semi-salacious material that is circulating on the web, we can now look forward to a stream of tabloid headlines and images of the unfortunate Congressman.

Never let it be said that Anthony Weiner does not have the best interestsof the New York Post at heart.

It will all continue until Weiner resigns. I predict, again, that his next step will be, as he suggested today, to go into therapy.


Dennis said...

Weiner is part of an ever growing group of people that Plato would describe as the "soul of a tyrant." He has replaced reason with emotion. As he and his fellow travelers attempt to move morality out of the public arena they can rely only on their baser instincts and desires.
One can notice this in almost every group on the Left. Has NOW made life better for women? Has the welfare state made those in poverty better off? Has anything that the Obama and his administration done improved the quality of life for the country? One could go on for days listing the misery caused by these people for those they supposedly want to help. Misery loves company.
This is an impossibility because by their desire to replace reason with emotion and morality with amorality they are doomed to create unhappiness for themselves and everyone who is around them. It becomes more significant when one has someone like Weiner and a large part of the Democrat and to a lesser degree Republican party who gradually degrade themselves and by extension the people of this country.
It is a disease that infects almost everyone on the Left, those who wish to control others and most in power. Power corrupts because it always leads to the "soul of a tyrant."

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Excellent analysis... it is truly amazing that people continue to vote for politicians when their policies fail the very people they are designed to help.