Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jeremiah Wright Rides Again

Reporting on Jeremiah Wright’s recent foray into Baltimore, Martha Mossburg notes, in passing, that Wright was once Barack Obama’s pastor.

While duly noting that, pressured by the requirements of his election campaign, Obama repudiated Wright, Mossburg fails to mention that Obama sat in Wright’s pews for twenty years, invited Wright to conduct his marriage, and considered Wright his spiritual mentor.

What was it about Jeremiah Wright that kept Barack Obama coming back for more?

Whatever it was, it was seasoned by a strong admixture of anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism.

As Mossburg reports: “Mr. Wright spread the blame for black persecution around on lots of people and epochs. He hates Roman emperors for renaming months after themselves and upsetting their proper numerical order; Michelangelo for painting Jesus as white; U.S. public schools for teaching the American Revolution instead of African history. In particular, he hates the term ‘Middle East,’ as it implies Europe as the center of the world.

“And he hates Israel. ‘The state of Israel is an illegal, genocidal … place,’ he said. ‘To equate Judaism with the state of Israel is to equate Christianity with [rapper] Flavor Flav.’ Laughter erupted from the mostly female audience on that remark.”

Some will say that the issue of Obama’s association with Rev. Wright was decided by the 2008 election.

It was not.

In 2008, for whatever reason, America chose to ignore the manifest moral deficiencies of a man who spent twenty years listening to a pastor who hated America and hated Jews.

As I said at the time, you are known by the company you keep. America had every right to judge Obama’s character on the basis of his respect and adulation of Jeremiah Wright.

Those who refused to look at the evidence should hang their heads in shame


The Ghost said...

some will cry "guilt by association" ... and had Obama left Wrights church after the first year they would have a point ... by after 19 more years I would say that Obama choose to associate with the guilty ... just like his relationship with Ayers ... he KNEW before he ever met Ayers that Ayers was a terrorist who had admitted his guilt ... Yet Obama once again chose to associate with the guilty ...

Trailer Dweller said...

I blieve that should Obama's early writings be released, we will discover that he holds a very similar worldview to Wright. Michelle's writings already indicate that. There is a reason why Obama's early records have been suppressed.