Thursday, June 2, 2011

Flashers Anonymous

By now Anthony Weiner has surely assembled a group of policy advisers who are tasked with rebuilding his flagging political fortunes.

Precious few public relations experts could resist the challenge of turning a laughing stock into a viable political candidate.

Given that Weiner is a Clintonian Democrat, he will surely try to ride out the storm. Were he a Republican he would have long since resigned from Congress.

Rep. Mike Lee was caught texting a picture of his bare  upper torso and was gone from Congress within a day or so.

As everyone knows by now, politics has a double standard. Democrats are allowed far more latitude than Republicans when it comes to moral turpitude.

What will Weiner’s next move be?

If I had to venture a guess, I would say that he will announce to the world that he has finally come to the painful realization that he has a problem, and that he will start on a course of treatment for his sex addiction.

He will appear with his dutiful wife, who will have an opportunity to show how much she learned working for Hillary Clinton.

Weiner will explain that he cannot abandon his constituents for the amount of time it would take to do a course of inpatient rehab, but that he will immediately start attending meetings of Flashers Anonymous.

Or something of the sort.


INdecentMan said...

Whatever his excuse is, he has got to be proactive. He needs to stop dicking around.

GM Roper said...

Hi, my name is Anthony and I have a sexting problem.

Hi Anthony.

When I was a congressman I denied ...

I can hear it now. Heh, thanks for the chuckle Stuart

Trailer Dweller said...

Perhaps he has been suffering from "publicity withdrawal" and decided that ANY mention in the press (especially if he can upstage Sarah Palin) is better than NO press.

(any double-entendre in this comment is purely unintentional!)

Johnny L said...

Or maybe he'll pull a Jim McGreevey stunt and announce, with Huma at his side of course, "I am a stiff American." Hey, it (sort of) worked for McGreevey, didn't it?