Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rehab: The Last Refuge of the Scoundrel

Predictably, Anthony Weiner has just announced that he is going to get some treatment for his “problem.”

I say “predictably” because I predicted as much ten days ago. Link here.

Of course, rehab is a very good thing, for the right people at the right time. I no more mean to condemn all rehab than Dr. Samuel Johnson meant to condemn all patriotism when he famously declared that: “patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.”

When you use patriotism or rehab as a cover for moral failings that you refuse to accept, you have doubled down on bad character.

Weiner’s refusal to resign tells us that his apparently heartfelt apology was pure theatrics.

Had he any character at all he would have followed the fine example of Eliot Spitzer, a man who had the good grace to resign his position as governor of New York with very little delay or ado.

I have said it before, in the case of Tiger Woods, but sex rehab strikes me as a cross between a joke and an absurdity. Also, it doesn’t work. Remember when Tiger Woods checked into that Mississippi sex rehab center a while back.

Look at how well it worked out for Woods. He lost his marriage and children and his golf game. If anyone ever suggests that this was a successful treatment, I give you permission to laugh in his face.

I hope that we all understand that we are being played by Anthony Weiner. The most pathetic attempt was the recent story that poor Anthony, lacking a law degree, would, if he resigned Congress, never be able to get another job.

As though this is a reason to stay in Congress.

I would willingly wager that Weiner would follow the footsteps of Eliot Spitzer and quickly be given his own television show. There must be an opening on MSNBC.

If the American public, and especially Anthony Weiner’s consituents do not know that they are being played, they deserve what they get.

[Addendum: Since Ann Althouse is giving herself credit for predicting on June 6 that Weiner will seek treatment, I will credit myself with extra prescience for predicting it on June 2. In all fairness I did suggest that Weiner would start attending meetings of Flashers Anonymous, but still.... extra credit where extra credit is due.]


Dennis said...

Weiner must have graduated from the Lindsey Lohan School of Public Relations. Probably with honors.

Anonymous said...

Spitzer was a loss to us. He was the only Sheriff of Wall Street - now there is none.

He hired hookers. They work, pro and amateur, everywhere.

Weiner is no loss. His perversions were dangerous to the nation - and, apparently, even girls. -- Rich

Anonymous said...

This is a guy, who was probably a little nerd when he was growing up. He becomes a gym workout freak and gets a good body and is in love with himself. And does not understand why sending pictures of himself is a problem. Vanity, ego, and power don't mix well.