Friday, October 28, 2011

Can't Find Work

Let's hope, as the blogger Wizbang suggests, that its photoshopped, but still:


xenophon said...

$96,000? I thought a degree like that would have cost $120,000. Where did she get such a deal? You can go to a state U and get an engineering degree for what these chumps spend in 1 year on undergraduate work. This country is disfunctional. Only math and science matter for serious degree seekers. The rest can just go to the public library if they're so inclined. Why spend anywhere from $100 to $250K on an undergraduate degree unless you're a tool or innumerate or a trust fund baboon? An industrial/technological society needs young people who can do things. We don't need more inutile adolescents who can't figure out how to fix a flat tire or change the oil. Yet they lecture us about how the world should be. They don't understand the very world in which they live for %$^&% sakes!

Malcolm said...

Good video on the subject.