Saturday, October 15, 2011

Singing the California Blues

The word should have gotten out by now. Unfortunately, it has not reached the young people who are occupying Wall Street and beyond.

Everyone sympathizes with the plight of America’s youth. I among many have been pointing out the problems for years now.

Young people acquire crushing debts in order to learn skills and work habits that make it less likely that they will ever get a decent job.

One hesitates to mention the obvious point, but being part of the occupation is not going to look very good on anyone’s resume. If these students produce mayhem across the country they will be damaging their own and America’s reputation.

If you were an employer would you want to hire someone who belonged to the generation that had produced Occupy Wall Street? Reputation counts and young people should long and hard before portraying themselves as a bunch of post-Woodstock malcontents.

Just thinking.

Whatever they learned in college these students did not learn where the fault lays. As they rail against bankers and corporate interests and Jews (see prior post) they are not at all upset about the extraordinary racket of American higher education.

Yesterday, Tyler Durden provided an infographic of the student loan racket.

One sympathizes with rage against the financial community; it has not been covering itself with glory. Still, their anger ought to be directed at the educational establishment that has stolen their minds and compromised their futures.

Of course, these student radicals all voted for Barack Obama. Since neither their education nor their upbringing taught them to take responsibility for the error of their youthful ways, they refuse to blame Obama.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but voting for Obama was voting for an America that would be just like California.

Unfortunately, California is America’s most proficient job killing machine..

This morning in the Wall Street Journal Steve Malanga explains, yet again, what is going wrong in California.

Malanga is more conservative than many, but his analysis does not differ significantly from the one offered by more liberal scholar Joel Kotkin.

If young occupiers can turn from the own fake Wall Street Journal to the real one they will discover that the California kills jobs and opportunity because it is being run by a cabal of regulators, litigators, bureaucrats, liberal legislators, labor unions, and  environmentalists.

High taxes, an anti-competitive environment, an army of parasitic litigators and environmentalists… together they force companies to hire elsewhere. Anywhere but California.  

It doesn’t take a college education to understand that the cabal that is killing the employment prospects of Californians has put one of its leaders in the White House.

Now for nearly three years, the White House has been imposing the policies that killed California jobs across the country, with predictable results.
California is the bluest of the blue states. Right now some of its citizens are complaining and protesting, but against the wrong people.

It looks like the best they can do is sing the blues.


David Foster said...

When people get into blaming mode, they simplify, simplify, simplify. Nuance is lost. It is much easier to blame "Wall Street" generically than to perform to more subtle analysis of understanding the nexus between finance and government and the obvious conclusion that an increasingly-interventionist government will pull this nexus tighter.

Barack Obama's entire focus, throughout his life, has been on power acquisition via blaming, not on problem-solving. He and his "progressive" followers have created a malign climate, and in such a climate it is inevitable that anti-Semitism will make an appearance.

What a relief it would be to have a man like Herman Cain, who has lived in an environment of problem-solving....ballistics problems for the US Navy, programming problems while getting his CS degree, marketing and production and management problems at the pizza company. You can't solve trajectories or write code or make and sell pizzas by seeking out someone to blame.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

I think you are making a very important point here. Regardless of whether or not Obama is directing or supporting the OWS, the truth is that the protesters are emulating his example.

And a very bad example it is.

True, enough Herman Cain, among others, would be a far better role model.

Dennis said...

Where were these disingenuous rabble when many of us were saying "Let them fail?" The sad part is that had they failed those on Wall Street would have paid for their machinations, businesses would have restructured to meet business requisites and we would have been past most of this already.
The bankers/businesses/people who were doing the right thing would be prospering now and large numbers of people would be going back to work. The problem is that this parasitic rabble were too busy putting down the people who were right and worshipping at the feet of Obama and worse yet encouraging the stupidity emanating from Washington DC.