Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Muslims Persecuting Christians in the Middle East

Caroline Glick has the story.

Throughout the Muslim Middle East Christians are under attack. The recent assault on Coptic Christians in Egypt is only a part of the systematic persecution of Christians by Muslims.

Whether in Lebanon or Iran or Gaza, there are fewer and fewer Christians in the Middle Eastern Muslim world

It is well known that Muslims want to create societies that are free of Jews. They are also moving inexorably toward creating societies that are free of Christians too.

With the exception of evangelical Christians, no one in the West has much of anything to say about this. The apostles of multicultural diversity turn a blind eye. Western governments and religious institutions practice appeasement. Lip service is paid to pluralism and tolerance. Nothing is done even to draw attention to the plight of Christians in Muslim countries.

Whether the pressure is overt or covert, it is leading in one direction.

This was the scene in Egypt when Muslims attacked Coptic Christians on Sunday.

In Glick’s words: “On Sunday night, Egyptian Copts staged what was supposed to be a peaceful vigil at Egypt's state television headquarters in Cairo. The 1,000 Christians represented the ancient Christian community of some 8 million whose presence in Egypt predates the establishment of Islam by several centuries. They gathered in Cairo to protest the recent burning of two churches by Islamic mobs and the rapid escalation of state-supported violent attacks on Christians by Muslim groups since the overthrow of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak in February.

“According to Coptic sources, the protesters Sunday night were beset by Islamic attackers who were rapidly backed up by military forces. Between 19 and 40 Copts were killed by soldiers and Muslim attackers. They were run over by military vehicles, beaten, shot and dragged through the streets of Cairo.”

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