Friday, October 21, 2011

Steve Jobs Didn't Have to Die

Steve Jobs didn’t have to die.

Among the more shocking revelations in Walter Isaacson’s new biography of the great tech entrepreneur is this one: when doctors first discovered Jobs’ pancreatic cancer, they could have removed the relatively small and contained tumor surgically. Link here.

The world’s greatest high tech entrepreneur refused to take their advice. He decided to go low tech. After all, he lived in that New Age paradise called California.

Steve Jobs refused surgery. He told Isaacson that he didn’t want his body to be “violated.”

Did Steve Jobs equate surgery with rape?  

So he tried to arrest the growth of the tumor with experimental diets, macrobiotics, meditation, and spiritual healing.

After nine months of New Age nostrums, Jobs allowed the operation. It was too late; the tumor had spread.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against brown rice or meditation or yoga. Each and all of them have a place in life.

Steve Jobs did not die for alternative medicine. He died for a reactionary mindset that has convinced those who are sufficiently gullible that we are being sickened by modern industrial civilization.

He died for an environmentally friendly religion that wants us all to go back to the good old pre-industrial days, when men lived in harmony with nature. Then, the human body could marshal its natural resources and heal itself.

True believers in this nonsense never seem to recall that back in those good old days the average lifespan was something like 40.

Steve Jobs didn’t have to die. He died for a stupid idea, one that has infected the minds of the smart set on the West Coast.


Robert Pearson said...

Stuart, since I believe we're both Taranto readers I know you'll forgive me for pointing out that, he did have to die, perhaps just not quite so soon...

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Forgiveness granted... though I guess that the question is whether it means that he didn't have to die as soon as he did or whether he didn't have to die at all.

Robert Pearson said...

I was thinking of thoses occasions when Tarnato pokes fun at news stories with headlines like, "Smoking increases chance of death!" and as he says, the chance is 100 percent...

Dennis said...

Is that somewhat like when your urologist tells you that all men will die of prostate cancer? It just that most of the cancer is so slow moving that most men die of something else including old age.

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