Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bill Maher Defends Rush Limbaugh

Hate to quote Bill Maher but very few others have been making this point.

From Maher’s Twitter: “Hate to defend #RushLimbaugh but he apologized, liberals looking bad not accepting. Also hate intimidation by sponsor pullout”

Meaning that Sandra Fluke was wrong to refuse Limbaugh’s apology. Even if an apology feels somewhat less than completely sincere, when someone apologizes to you the decent and honorable thing to do is to accept it graciously and to forgive.

If you don’t, Maher is right to say, you have compromised your moral character. It's like kicking someone when they are down. It makes you look like a coward.

Also agree with Maher that intimidation by sponsor pullout is a vile, anti-democratic tactic. One that has become the calling card of radical leftists who want to suppress speech that they hate. Good to see a Bill Maher making the point that this kind of thuggery is appalling behavior.

Hopefully, within a week or so Sandra Fluke will be forgotten. Then we will no longer have to wonder why she doesn’t pronounce her name the way it is spelled but pronounces it as though it were spelled Fluck. 

Which sounds a lot like another word that I cannot mention on this blog.


Ari said...

I think Carbonite got what was coming to them with their sponsor pullout. Their stock plummeted.

Hope it's permanent.

Dennis said...

From "Instanpundit,"


Women are strong! Except they wilt when they are called names!

Tough and enduring, save for when harsh words fly.

Steadfast and unyielding, until they wilt or shatter from the mean things people say.

Feminists are Greek columns made of styrofoam; a Potemkin village of bicycled fish.

This of course applies to Liberal and Leftist women. Conservative women have endure far worse and stood their ground and kept on fighting. One has to have a great deal of respect for Conservative women. They are what can rightfully be called "STRONG WOMEN."
Given the reaction of Liberal and leftist women, they have no right to even consider or be conversant with the term.

Nick said...

Looks like Blogspot has altered the mobile platform for their blogs. It's more organized, I like it. I'm assuming you read her testimony? What a total joke.

n.n said...


I would offer plaudits to all conservatives. They are afforded an opportunity without a guarantee of any specific outcome, not even a promise. And yet they continue to be faithful to their philosophy. Of course, everyone is vulnerable to corruption from dreams of instant gratification; but, conservatives, at minimum, resist the temptation.

That said, women do indeed carry the greater burden and responsibility in our world. Any conservative woman who is capable of remaining faithful to her principles is indeed worthy of praise.

Dennis said...


Most of us became Conservatives after we realized that "instant gratification," does not improve one's self, uses other people and does not make us better people. That and the fact that Leftism appeals to one's demons instead of one's better angels. There is this constant drum beat of growing hatred that underlies everything on the Left. There is an ugliness to one's existance.
As a Conservative I can dislike someone and consider them mistaken in their beliefs so that one might be able to change their minds. But as a Leftist one has to hate and want to destroy anyone who might dare to disagree with the tenets of the "Church Of What's Happening Now."