Sunday, March 18, 2012

When Self-Love Leads to Self-Marriage

If love leads naturally to marriage, shouldn’t self-love lead naturally to self-marriage?

It did for Nadine Schweigert of Fargo, North Dakota.

Schweigert declared her eternal love for herself by inviting a few dozen of her nearest and dearest friends to what must have been the world’s first self-marriage ceremony.

Why did she do it? In her words, “to relish a lifelong love affair with my beautiful self…”

But, what does it mean when your family and friends get together to celebrate your narcissism?

At this point enquiring minds want to know whether she will consummate her self-love affair with the help of an electronic appurtenance.

The adults were too polite to state the obvious, so the task fell to an eleven-year old boy. In what seemed to be a reenactment of the Emperor’s New Clothes, one of Sweigert’s sons told his mother: “I love you, but I'm embarrassed for you right now.”

After honeymooning with herself in New Orleans, Schweigert will presumably return to Fargo and await an Annunciation.

If self-love leads to self-marriage then self-marriage must lead to parthenogenesis. Right?

We can all have a few laughs over this, but I think we should also ask ourselves when America stopped being a serious country.


Father Marker said...

Now she's in a marriage she'll never be able to divorce from.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Since she is a divorced mother, you might have hit on the motive for her actions. At least this way her spouse will never be able to walk out on her.

Still, there is probably a lawyer out there already trying to figure out how he help her to divorce herself.