Thursday, March 22, 2012


For good or for ill it only works with the female body.

TimeMagazine is reporting on new research from Indiana University—home of Alfred Kinsey—showing that a significant number of women orgasm while exercising.

It’s a new way for women to orgasm, without having to deal with men or with toys.

Time considers that this might just be a good way to motivate more women to exercise. For all I know, it just might.

In its words:

Here’s one way to make workouts more palatable: combine exercise with orgasm.

It sounds like a pornographic fitness flick: women, sweaty from physical exertion, climaxing at the gym. But researchers at Indiana University say it really happens — independent of sex or fantasies. They’ve even got a name for it: “coregasm,” named thusly because abdominal exercises tend to spark the sensation.

As I said, the experience is unique to the female body. Now we will all await the feminist protest marches against this blatant example of socially constructed gender inequality.


Susan Walsh said...

Stuart, what a funny post, and your parting shot is brilliant. I don't think going to the gym is ever going to be the same. I'll have to avoid eye contact with all women doing crunches.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Thank you, Susan... it strikes me that this might be a way to attract men to the gym or to yoga class... I suppose we'll know when yoga classes fill up with men who are so distracted they can't hold their poses.