Sunday, March 4, 2012

Obama and Israel

Election season is here again and the Jewish friends of Israel who voted for Barack Obama will try to justify doing it again.

You remember, in 2008, when the Jewish friends of Israel convinced themselves that a man who was a long time parishioner of Jeremiah Wright, a great friend of Palestinian activist Rashid Khalidi, and a comrade of terrorist William Ayers would, upon stepping foot in the White House, instantly morph into… George W. Bush.

Israelis considered George W. Bush the best friend they have ever had in the White House. American Jewish friends of Israel despised him.

The Israelis consider Barack Obama the best friend the Palestinian cause has ever had in the White House and American Jewish friends of Israel are trying to figure out how to vote for him again.

Let's keep in mind that Obama is easily the best friend the Egyptian and Libyan branches of the Muslim Brotherhood have ever had in the White House.

Now, the Obama administration is spinning the record. It will say that the president is a great friend to Israel and that foreign policy failures are all the fault of the Israeli Prime Minister.

For those who prefer not to forget, the newly formed Emergency Committee for Israel is trying to set the record straight. Run by Noah Pollak and Michael Goldfarb, counting Gary Bauer, William Kristol and Rachel Abrams on its board of directors, the ECI has just produced a video to remind us all of this aspect of the Obama foreign policy.

As Warner Wolf says: Let’s go to the videotape:

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Sam L. said...

Disregard the man behind the curtain!

The only reason I can see for a Jew who supports Israel's survival to vote for Obama is self-delusion.