Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hold On To Your Lady Parts!

Yesterday, the Obama campaign flashed its lady parts.

An Obama-Biden campaign website posted a pseudo-greeting card bearing this message: “Vote like your lady parts depend on it.”

Underneath was a comment: “because they do.”

After a mercifully short period of time cooler heads prevailed and the posting was taken down.

It was just a tease. Go back to your business.

What we saw in that brief flashing moment was a shameless attempt to seduce women voters. Not just any women voters, but young unmarried, presumably childless women.

Cleverly, the campaign used the word “depend,” a not-so-subtle reference to a product called Depends. In that way it was subliminally expanding the demographic.

More than a few people have already pointed out that it’s degrading to reduce a woman to the sum of her lady parts.

Yet, you will not hear any liberal women object to being reduced to sexual objects. Apparently, they are willing to take one for the Obama-Biden team.

Men who are learning how to seduce women should study the Obama campaign closely. If the campaign knows what it is doing it is telling young men that respecting women is a losing game.

To add insult to injury, Obama-Biden campaign seems to believe that women are willing to sell their votes for free birth control pills.

I suspect that they will soon trot out Sandra Fluke to lead a new campaign: let people use food stamps to buy strawberry flavored condoms!

If women fall for this, they will lose a large measure of the respect that they have worked so hard to gain.

The teaser ad was directed at an important Obama-Biden demographic: childless single professional women. This group votes overwhelmingly Democratic. Married women are more equally divided between Obama and Romney.

For the target group women's health care means access to contraception and abortion.

Women’s health care means avoiding conception and gestation. Somehow or other the feminist left has never made an issue of free fertility treatments.

For young unmarried professional women unintended childbearing would threaten their careers and their lifestyle.

The public debate about women’s health seems largely to suggest that an untimely pregnancy is like being occupied.

In Shakespeare’s day, conception was “a blessing.” When conception is a blessing, the curse, when referring to lady parts, is a clear sign of missed conception or misconception

Naturally, this raises a philosophical question. Are lady part intrinsically meant for reproduction or is their reproductive potential extrinsic to their real purpose—giving everyone oodles of pleasure?

Human beings are the only mammalian species that routinely engage in carnal relations for the fun of it. Or so it seems.

All other mammals limit their coital activities to those times when a female is in estrus, when she is fertile.

Did God want human beings to have more fun in bed, or did He make sex fun in order to provide more opportunities for conception? That is the question.

Allow me to suggest that the issue here is not birth control pills or even condoms.

For Obama-Biden campaign’s target group, the first issue is free and uninhibited access to sex.

A pregnancy risk would cause women to repress their sexuality, and we know how unhealthy that is.

Still, this does not answer the real question: why does it matter whether the citizenry, through the government, should pay for anyone’s birth control pills?

I would suggest that women who postpone marriage in favor of career advancement and who still have an active sex life are more interested in receiving the nation’s approval than they are the nation’s financial largesse.

The only way they can reassure themselves that the nation is not looking askance at their lifestyle choices is to see the nation, as one person, approve of their activities by underwriting them.

Naturally, no one begrudges anyone his or her lifestyle choices. But if some women are not entirely proud of their conduct, do you really believe that they will feel less ashamed if the government springs for their birth control?

It’s more about mind control than about birth control. It’s about trying to manage your own embarrassment by controlling what other people think of you.

It need not involve the walk of shame. It might well involve a woman in a committed relationship and who is constantly fielding parental questions about when she is going to get married. Or a man in the same relationship being told that he is disrespecting his paramour by not marrying her.

Somehow or other, for reasons that defy reason these young women have gotten it into their minds that they will feel better about their lifestyle choices if the nation votes for Obama.


David Foster said...

It seems obvious that (a) there is no realistic possibility that contraception will be legally banned, and (b) paying for one's own contraception isn't a very major expense, in the scheme of things. Why, then all the hysteria? Let me suggest a hypothesis.

If someone is absolutely terrified of something, then pointing out its very low probability often will have no effect. If someone is scared of flying, for example, you can cite safety statistics, talk about redundant systems, etc, till you're blue in the face, but it probably won't work...the image of that last 15 seconds of terror is too strong in their minds.

So it seems that there is a significant contingent of young women who have a very deep fear that someone is going to force them into a Hobson's choice of (a) celibacy, or (b) pregnancy, probably also involving going barefoot. This is evidently so terrifying that the fact that there is less probability of this happening than of being hit on the head by a meteor seems irrelevant to them.

Anonymous said...

Barefoot and pregnant is old hat.

The left now wants women to be "barefoot and ready".

Dennis said...

It has always interested me how cheaply people will sell themselves. How many times does one have to mention that nothing is free and selling one's independence, self respect, honor, et al for government CONTROLLED Freebies in the long run makes one a slave. To be so young and not realize how one is being used.
It is kind of sad to watch. I guess one "makes their own bed and they have to sleep in it." It always comes down to pay me now or pay me later.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

I think that David points to something very important here: there is an irrational, anxious, almost phobic aspect to the attitude of the women who believe that Republicans are going to take away their contraception.

I suspect that for many of them, celibacy and pregnancy are roughly the same thing, at least as far as their sex lives go.

I certainly think it's strange that women keep using the metaphor of going barefoot, and am happy that David underscores it.

Why is that image always trotted out? is there some fundamental fear of being shoeless or is it about being exposed, being bare??

I'm not sure, but I am intrigued.

Dennis said...

There is a word that would take care of much of these worries: RESPONSIBILITY.
It would seem to me that if women actually took responsibility for their bodies then there would be far fewer abortions. Responsibility is a wonderful thing. Responsibility does not limit the amount of sex one can enjoy. Responsibility gives one peace of mind. Responsibility does not require government help and aids in maintaining one's independence.
It is just amazing how taking responsibility for one's actions keeps one from getting into trouble and having to do things one does not want to do.
Responsibility would mean that almost no one would be "barefoot" and pregnant. It is a word that seems to be missing from the vocabulary of most people today. It is so easy to take on for one's self.