Sunday, October 7, 2012

SNL Goes Off on MSNBC

In one of my rare, cynical moments I allow myself to suspect that young people vote for the coolest candidate.

Of course, many college students bone up on the issues and make intelligent, informed decisions. They know good from bad, right from wrong, effective from ineffective. They vote accordingly.

Still, I suspect that college students want to belong to the in-crowd, the cool, hip kids. Once they know what they need to believe in order to gain entry into that rarefied world, they swear their eternal allegiance. 

How do they know what is cool and what is not?

I suspect that they take their cues from television stars like Jon Stewart, television shows like Saturday Night Live and websites like Gawker and Jezebel.

So, I find it significant that Saturday Night Live did a comedy skit last night lampooning the left-leaning talking heads at MSNBC.

After all, ridicule is a powerful weapon. If the young people who watch SNL start thinking that the blowhards at MSNBC, the keepers of the liberal flame, are decidedly uncool, even ridiculous… then Barack Obama has a problem.

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