Friday, October 19, 2012

Katy Perry on Autism

Last Saturday Comedy Central taped a benefit for autism called: “Night of Too Many Stars.” The show will be aired this Sunday evening.

The most moving segment was not the humor but the story of an autistic child named Jodi DiPiazza.

It is rare to be able to witness the benefits that the right treatment can bring to an autistic child. Family videos chronicle Jodi’s amazing progress.

The video does not say what kind of therapy Jodi received, but we must assume that it was one of the cognitive-behavioral approaches that are now considered the most effective.

Some of you have been following the saga surrounding my friend Sophie Robert’s film about psychoanalysis and autism, The Wall, in France. See my autism tag at left.

It’s worth underscoring that French psychoanalysts have gone to the barricades to ensure that autistic children in France cannot have access to the treatment that Jodi had, because, it was made in America.

It’s a lengthy clip, one that ends with Jodi accompanying Katy Perry in a rendition of Perry’s pop hit: Firework.


[Here's some extra information about Jodi from her website.]


josiane Bonadonna said...

In France, I bet the psychoanalysts locked up in their obscurantism will still tax that as an "American show" as usual.
This show is beautiful. It's simply joy, hope, life...
At the opposite of the sordid conditions for adults with autism in France and the worth we can hope for our children with autism... in the beautiful country of the “human rights".

I hope and I wish some day in the future, our children or the next generations will know such the same kind of “show” in France !

Viva America !

Shame on you France !

Stuart Schneiderman said...

You are quite right... it is a beautiful story, one that had most of the audience in tears. It is an extraordinarily vivid presentation of how well ABA treatments work.

To see what is possible and to know that it is barely available in France is truly sad and shameful.

Sam L. said...

Not Invented Here--sounds much worse in French.