Friday, October 26, 2012

Join Obama's Harem

The political world is abuzz over Lena Dunham’s video endorsing President Obama.

Apparently, Dunham is the voice of her generation. For my part I believe that her generation deserves better.

Presumably, Dunham's ad is directed to young women. It tells them that their “first time” should be with Barack Obama.

It would be interesting to discover how many voting age women are still virgins. It sounds like the ad is directed to a very small demographic.

Even so, Dunham does not seem to realize that she is inviting the nation’s voting-age virgins to join a harem. 

Wherever he is today, Bill Clinton is wondering why no one ever did an ad like that for him. 


Kath said...

The Democrats believe women are just collections of female body parts.
The Democrats make me feel violated just as many of us teens were, by the radical left of the the 1970's.
It is logical that they sympathize with radical Islam.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Right on... I imagine that they are hoping for more than 72 virgins.

David Foster said...

Interestingly similar to this Vladimir Putin ad:

...except the Russian version is classier.

Sam L. said...

I can't see the feminists hoping for virgins.

rogue wolf said...

If Dunham is the voice of my generation I'd gladly be mute.

Soviet of Washington said...

Let the parodies begin. Steve Crowder at PJMedia has a video too.