Tuesday, December 17, 2013

John Kerry Arrives in Jerusalem

While no one is paying very much attention, Secretary of State John Kerry is forging ahead with his plan for Middle East peace.

Not for peace in Syria. Not for peace in al Qaeda infested Libya. Probably not for peace with a new empowered Iran. No, Kerry wants to impose a new peace on Israel. If we are to believe Caroline Glick, the agreement gives the Palestinians nearly everything they want while forcing the Israelis to make concessions that will undermine its very existence.

Describing Kerry’s appalling visit to Israel last week, Glick sounded the alarm:

There was a ghoulish creepiness to US Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to Israel last week. Here we were, beset by the greatest winter storm in a hundred years. All roads to Jerusalem were sealed off. Tens of thousands of Jerusalemites and residents of surrounding areas were locked down in their houses, without power, heat, telephone service or water.

And all of the sudden, out of nowhere, Kerry appeared. As Hamas-ruled Gazans begged the supposedly hated IDF to come and save them from the floods, and as Israel took over rescue operations for stranded Palestinians living under the rule of the PLO ’s gangster kleptocracy in Judea and Samaria, here was Kerry, telling us that we’d better accept the deal he plans to present us next month, or face the wrath of the US and Europe, and suffer another Palestinian terror war.

What is going on? Why can’t Kerry leave Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and the rest of the country alone, even for a week, in the middle of a blizzard of biblical proportions? According to leaks from the now five month old negotiations, after 20 rounds of talks, the Palestinians have not budged from the positions they have held to for the past 50 years. They do not accept Israel’s right to exist. They do not recognize the existence of the Jewish people. They do not believe that the Jews have the right to freedom or self-determination. They insist on taking control of our 3,000 year old capital. They demand that we surrender our ability to defend ourselves from foreign aggression and Palestinian attacks and infiltration from the east.

"ghoulish creepiness"... doesn't that describe John Kerry perfectly? And doesn't he scene that Glick paints render the outcome of the Kerry policy initiative?

And that’s just Glick’s opening. The rest is well worth a read.


Sam L. said...

I' sure someone has said that John Kerry is smart, but that's in defiance of all the evidence. And the hat he has to this day.

flynful said...

Whatever Israel puts on the table will not be acceptable to the Palestinians (if there is anyone there who has the power to even negotiate for them), so all that will happen is that Israel will go forth in good faith with offering just about all of what Kerry wants and the Palestinians will still say "No".

I am at a loss as to what Kerry thinks he will be able to accomplish. Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Arab emirates are in dire need of Israel as an ally in their desire to forestall Iranian nuclear power. I would think that, except for propaganda (noise) intended to placate the Arab street, the Sunni Arab states would not at this time want any pressure put on Israel that might weaken it militarily. In fact, given that the situation has turned 180 degrees in the last year (the unintended consequences of Obama's meddling and bizarre focus on the West Bank settlements), other than Kerry and Obama just exactly who are the Palestinians allies?