Friday, December 13, 2013

The New Life of Julia

This Tumblr post is making the rounds. It brings us up to date on the life of Julia. In particular, it show us how Obamacare has changed her life.

You remember Julia. She was the cartoon character invented by the Obama campaign to sell itself to young women. Many of us mocked the effort, but, it seems to have been effective.

I've added the first frame as a tease, or as the French call it, an amuse bouche

Link to the entire post here.



Dennis said...

Otherwise as "julia Meets Reality."

As much as a significant number of people want to believe that there are things that the government provides free it turns out that reality does not support that conclusion.

This is of course why when you base a large number of decisions on what young women, or what women want in general, want everybody loses. There is a large world beside their wants and needs that exist and is ignored at a nation's peril.
The same can be said of the young as a whole. Wisdom comes with age, experience, and making those same mistakes earlier in one's life. I suspect that is why we are doomed to making the same mistakes over and over again until we either learn, destroy ourselves or cannot afford the mess we have put ourselves in any more. The sad part is that it may reach a point that the entire character and culture of a once great country may be so degraded as to cease to exist as the free country it was hoped it would be by the Founders. A "More perfect Union" so to speak.

Dennis said...


Having spent a large part of my life in the Arts I find this hilarious. There are a significant number of artists that do belong to Conservative groups who have been trying to tell others that Obamacare, in fact the current democrat party, was going to do damage to them.

Dennis said...

By the way I am NOT a republican. I am an Independent. A significant number of republicans are as prone to believing in the government's power to effectively control other's lives as those in the undemocratic party.