Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Dumbest Quote of the Year

From Gerard Vanderleun,, at American Digest, the winner of the "dumbest quote of the year:" 



Anonymous said...

As usual Tom Friedman hits the nail on the head. A carefully calibrated carbon tax in the context of broader environmental regulations would have stopped the Tsarnaev brothers in their tracks and made them see how silly their bombing plans really were. Where does one man come up with so many brilliant insights?

n.n said...

Bigoted, indeed. Perhaps the brothers opposed the devaluation of capital and labor through unbacked credit creation, especially printed wealth (e.g. deficits), and confiscatory taxation schemes.

The biggest problem facing the world today, other than institutional and state-sponsored abortion of several million human lives annually, is Anthropogenic Global Currency Corruption (AGCC).

Friedman is in denial. Since he's a Democrat he is also a bigot (i.e. sanctimonious hypocrite). Why is it that the vast majority of wars start with Democrat leaders? Anyway, make love not abortion!

Anonymous said...

As long as it always comes back to anthropomorphic global climate change, I'll never be able to take these people seriously. I might as well read a Magic Eight Ball to unlock the secrets of the universe!


Lastango said...

I'm struck by the absolute arrogance and entitlement.

Mr. Friedman seems to say, "We progressives are now so powerful, so pervasive, that we no longer need to even pretend to argue our case. Our positions are their own argument - you must accept them, or else. We have become a mountain that makes its own weather. We don't respond to reality, we create it by what we do - and what we compel you to do."