Thursday, December 19, 2013

Will Julia Marry Pajama Boy?

Did you ever wonder why Julia is alone? Did you ever ponder why the poster girl for the Obama re-election campaign spent her life without a man?

Well, the Obama communications team has the answer. It’s called Pajama Boy. It’s an effort to nudge young people to have a conversation about health care… that means, why they are all refusing to sign up for Obamacare.

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If you were Julia and had to choose between going through life without a man and marrying Pajama Boy, what would you do?

Some of us believe that the Democratic Party and the purveyors of political correctness bear a certain animus against men. Just the other day I posted some remarks by Camille Paglia about the topic. Apparently, in the feminist mind men are best when they are infantilized, sitting around their mothers’ houses, sipping cocoa, dressed in flannel jammies.

Of course, no feminist in her right mind would marry such a creature, but his existence will sustain her belief that she is correct not to get married.

By now the internet is overrun with parodies of the Pajama Boy. Here is a link to a few of them.

If, perchance, you want to know more about Julia, columnist J. Pepper Bryars has just brought out a book length treatment: A Forgotten Man(The Life of Julia.)


Dennis said...

One has to ask if this is the way the Obama administration see the millennials and the young in general. Androgynous at best.

Anonymous said...

Affluenza boy is much better than pyjama boy

Dennis said...

It must be interesting to live in the unreality bubble of the Left. Thinking that you represent everyone because everyone you know is just like you. Then poor Ethan poses for a picture he(?) thinks will make him famous and now he is deleting all of his social media accounts and taking his "Youtube"private. Worse yet he graduated from the University of Wisconsin where he learned that Scott Walker was such a "meanie" and organizing for action was the way to fame and notoriety.
This just seems to be happening to those on the Left in a large number of missteps, Podesta, et al, that one would think that some reevaluation might be in the offing.

"Rarely do great beauty and great virtue dwell together"


Especially in the machinations of the Left and their boy Ethan. One would have to be familiar with the concept of beauty and virtue.

Anonymous said...

For such "citoyens du monde" as our elite are, that picture doesn't translate into any other culture in the world.

Pajama Boy is a social signifier in one place (east coast US) in one time (Dec 2013) in one social tranche (upper middle class). He does not translate.

Every other culture in the world would either want to smack him or bugger him, or both.

Personally, I want to smack the smug little bastard.


Dennis said...

Or as they say in the bubble, "All good things happen to those who think gender is a social construct."

Anonymous said...

This entire phenomenon is so unbelievably silly. I don't know where to begin to start.