Sunday, July 17, 2016

Always Something to Complain About

The thought police are alive and well. And not just in American universities.

You don’t have to be a brain dead adolescent to find something to complain about. If your antennae are sufficiently sensitive you can find sexism everywhere. At times one thinks that feminism is always having something to complain about.

Take the recent case of Betsy Fischer Martin. BFM was on a United Airlines flight when she heard the captain describe the flight attendants as “pretty young ladies.”

The horror. The indignity. BFM was so outraged, her thin feminist skin so totally offended that she shot off a tweet.

Really? pilot just directed passengers on PA to pay attention "to the pretty young ladies in the aisle" for safety instructions.

You see, to BFM it was sexual harassment. It was retrograde behavior, worthy of 1965. Naturally, she was not concerned about whether the pilots could fly the plane. She was concerned about their calling a young woman “pretty.”

If we are no longer allowed to say that young women are pretty, what are we to say: that they are ugly, unattractive or especially manly.

Of course, the correct answer is that we are no longer allowed to say anything about a woman’s looks. We are no longer allowed to notice.

But, I do not think that you need to have too much human experience to know that many women like receiving compliments on their looks. In fact, if you fail to do so in certain circumstances you are going to have serious problems.

Feminist zealots want to be treated like men, so they will not allow it to happen. BFM wrote to the bosses of United Airlines to ask them to take action. Huh? She is flying in a plane and her life is in her hands and what she is really concerned about is: the pilot complimented the flight attendants on their looks.

Is it any wonder that BFM is a former, not a current, television producer?

As though that were not bad enough, reporter Karen Tumulty has just discovered an example of manifest misogyny in an airport. It’s a common household device. You know it well. It’s called a nutcracker. Guess what. The newest version looks just like Hillary Clinton.

Tumulty does not believe in humor. She cannot take the joke. So she whines about misogyny. Here’s the nutcracker, in all it’s glory.
View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter
Misogynist souvenir now on sale at the airport. Seriously, BWI?


Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Perhaps BFM is no longer pretty, young or a lady. That could be cause for complaint. It could be cause for us to complain about her, too. What a loser.

And then Karen Tumulty. Yeesh, it's a good thing she wasn't at the gardening center I was at yesterday, where they had a chia pet product of Hillary. You know... orange face, green hair, like an Umpaloompa. Maybe the saving grace for Tumulty would've been to have Donald Trump action figures, too. Well, there was a chia Trump right next to Chia Hillary at the store I visited. Does that make it palatable? Or maybe Tumulty is Karen's Twitter handle and her life is full of tumult or perhaps too tumultuous, meaning this kind of indignation is par for the course.

This is a chief example of why I hate social media. You have a thought, and think it is important to share. No, it's not. Imagine what it would be like if people were limited to a publishing a single post as a digest of their thoughts once a week... a choice of the worthy thought they might share with all of us. That would be refreshing. But that's not the idea. Facebook, et al, run a free speech vomitirium. So now we just read a lot of vomit.

Feminist zealots don't want to be treated like men. They want it both ways. To the point of your other post today, they hate the customs but are willing to use them to their advantage. That's the game. Typical Leftism: might makes right.

Ares Olympus said...

Perhaps Feminists wish to live in Lake Wobegon, "...where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average."

But don't call a man pretty, or he might ask his woman to rough you up.

sestamibi said...

Oh this is nothing compared to the case of the Sawyer sisters around 2003 or so.

It seems these two black women had boarded a Southwest Airlines flight in Las Vegas to return to their homes in Kansas City when the lead flight attendant, using the humor for which Southwest was (at least until then) known, tried to get all the passengers seated quickly by announcing: "eeny, meeny, miney, moe. Pick a seat, it's time to go."

Well all hell broke loose after that when the Sawyer sisters were so traumatized by the similarity of that announcement to the words of the original rhyme. Not that the flight attendant was even aware of that. She was 22 at the time, and no doubt grew up with the non-racist version "catch a tiger by the toe."

And so the Sawyer sisters filed suit in federal court for civil rights violations, and believe it or not, a nitwit judge (a Bush 41 appointee no less, IIRC) allowed the case to go to trial. Southwest defended itself vigorously and won. The Sawyer sisters decided not to appeal.

This is what happens in a cuntified nation, and with Hillary in charge, this process will become turbocharged.