Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer Rape Festivals in Sweden

Is anything weaker and more pathetic than Sweden’s attempt to control its burgeoning rape culture? In a country where everyone is a feminist, where boys are taught that they must pee sitting down, where refugee rapists are welcomed with open arms… the rape culture is thriving.

And the pathetic Swedes can do nothing about it. Government attempts to stop it sound like a joke. For example, a recent rock festival was renamed the Peace & Love Festival. It was an exercise in multicultural understanding and tolerance, aimed at inclusion. It’s sufficiently embarrassing that anyone takes this neo-hippy swill seriously. It’s inconceivable that Swedes continue to practice what this new form of human sacrifice, where girls are sacrificed to the gods of multiculturalism.

You will not be surprised at the results, reported in The Daily Mail:

A new string of sexual assaults have hit another Swedish music festival, where ‘dozens’ of accusations of assault – including rape, attempted rape, and groping – have been made against ‘foreign men’.

Swedish police report that the rape victim was under 18 and taken to the hospital. She was attacked while watching a band perform at last week’s Peace & Love Festival, according to Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

Another Swedish newspaper, FriaTider, reports that police spokesman Stefan Dangardt identified the attackers as ‘foreign men’.

And, also:

Thirty thousand people attended Peace & Love, which was promoted as a multicultural festival encouraging inclusion and acceptance.

How else did the festival fight the good fight against rape:

The festival trumpeted a ‘U Can’t Touch This!’ initiative aimed at preventing sexual harassment and hired officers to patrol the event.

Yes, indeed, that did it. But, just in case you might have believed that this exercise in soft power, in abject weakness, was not enough, how about this deterrent:

Swedish police launched its new campaign a week ago, in an effort to crackdown on sexual assaults at festivals.  

Its main objective was to hand out bracelets with the text 'don't molest' at festivals and to start a hashtag on Twitter called #tafsainte (don't grope).

How about that? Bracelets telling people not to molest. Sweden has become so completely weakened that they can no longer protect their women. They are simply handing them over to predators and wringing their hands in utter impotence. Ah yes, but they are occupying the moral high ground.

It’s girl power, don’t you know. The notion of deterrence, of punishment, of threatening people does not seem to have crossed the feminized Swedish mind. Because that would appear to be intolerant. It would look harsh and aggressive… and if we are stand and fight the terrorists will have won. You recognize the argument.

And, the recent episode is not the only one:

Sweden’s summer music festivals have been plagued by sexual harassment.

Five women were raped at Sweden’s biggest festival, Bråvalla, and 35 – including a girl as young as 12 – were assaulted at Putte i Parken (Party in the Park).

According to The Local, a policeman from the Värmland region (where Party in the Park takes place) said the rise of sexual abuse from previous years is ‘enormous’.

And, that’s not all:

It comes after 35 girls aged between 12 and 17 reported being attacked at the 'Party in the Park' festival this weekend in Karlstad, Varmland County.

Some of the alleged victims reported being 'kissed and groped' in scenes similar to the Cologne New Year attacks, in which dozens of women reported being assaulted. 

Of course, the pusillanimous Swedes are not even capable of naming the perpetrators as members of the Muslim faith. Just like in America where our president can never bring himself to call Islamist terrorism by its name.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the 'foreigners' understand Rock and Rap better.

They are about animal lusts and women as sex objects.

Dennis said...

Another example that demonstrates that feminism was never about women. It was always about giving power to upper class women. "You've come a long way baby?' On the scale of victim status women no longer are in the top 5. Feminists and democrats can get more votes from the people who are committing the crimes. Women just got tossed under the bus.