Wednesday, July 6, 2016

News from the Rape Culture Front

Now we have some new news from the rape culture front.

A leftist activist in Germany was raped by three men. Rather than contribute to what she considered a climate of racism directed against refugees she lied about one salient detail: she did not tell the police that the men were refugees.

Her name is Selin Goren. Happily it only took her twelve hours to change her story. But, the event tells us that, for those who want Europe (or the USA) to be flooded with refugees from an alien culture, lying about their degradation at the hands of these refugees is simply another price to pay. It makes you a self-sacrificing martyr, a victim whose victimization can be used to advance a cause. I will note, because no one seems to care, that in lying about the ethnic background of her attackers, Goren was falsely accusing someone else, presumably someone who has white privilege. of having perpetrated the attack.

You know and I know that rape cultural activists like Goren do not really care about rapes perpetrated from people from cultures that see women differently. They rarely even want to punish anyone from these cultures. If someone who enjoys white privilege commits a rape, these activists want him to suffer the most severe punishment. I am not saying that rapists should not be punished severely, but rather that cultural warriors have adopted a double standard in regard to the crime. Theirs is a political struggle, steeped in activism, unmoored from fact.

And then there was Sweden. The report comes to us from the New York Times, so this surely represents progress on the part of America's paper of record. Only up to a point, however, The ethnic background of said rapists and molesters is elided.

In a way the story is all too familiar. It harkens back to New Year's Eve in Cologne. This time it's Sweden where dozens of girls reported being raped and molested at two music festivals last weekend. Since Sweden is the rape capital of the Western world, nothing about the story shocks or surprises. After all, the Swedes are living in Feminist Paradise; they are governed by strong women. The force boys in schools to pee sitting down, because peeing standing up is sexist. Obviously, this is not the first time there have been reports of such criminal activities in Sweden. When it happened last year at a music festival in Stockholm, the police did their best to do what leftist police normally do. They covered it up.

And just to make things clear, the Times reports that most of those reporting the assaults were underage... thus they were children. Other recent stories have reported that Austria and Germany are now suffering a child rape problem. Guess who is committing these child rapes... apparently, men from ethnic groups that do not accept the rules of civilized behavior.

Needless to say, this is causing a great deal of anguish. Unfortunately, the anguish has led to very little action. The problem is not new. It is not going away. The Swedes, like the Germans and the Austrians are paying the price for their political virtue.

As a sidelight, a British band called  Mumford and Sons has now pulled out of an upcoming Swedish concert. They refuse to be part of the cover up and the lies. Now, if other music groups do the same, perhaps that would count as progress.


Anonymous said...

What could be more racist than expecting less from brown people?

Anonymous said...

The hard bigotry of lowered expectations.