Friday, July 15, 2016

Don't Just Feel: Do Something

One understands, perhaps better than most, that the therapy culture wants you to feel the right feelings, but not to do anything in particular. From its inception therapy has avoided giving advice. It has not wanted to tell people what to do or even to tell them to do something.

The West has been weak and passive. G. W. Bush was neither weak nor passive, but his reputation has been pounded into oblivion.

By now, no one is weaker than our own president—the one who has refused to allow NATO to evoke Article 5 of the charter and to declare war against ISIS. Many left-thinking people believe that if you crack down on Islamists you will be producing more terrorists. By the third law of motion.

Even Hillary Clinton, fresh from her calamitous tenure as Secretary of State, says that we should not attack ISIS in Raqqa because that is what they want. Yes, indeed, they want to be incinerated and to see their capital city turned into a parking lot. And HRC is a candidate for president of the USA.

In the meantime, one Katie Hopkins has written a fascinating screed for The Daily Mail. In it she recommends that we stop worrying about having the right feelings and start doing something about Islamist terorism. She gives Britain and France the same sage advice. Stop whining and crack down. Crack down hard, without pity and without mercy:

Evil mowed us down in a monster truck. And we tweeted like lethargic birds between Egyptian cotton sheets.

Celebrities rushed to social media with their message 'not again', designers comforted with a patriotic graphic, tea candles were lit and instagrammed. There will be a vigil in a public square. Again.

A hashtag is born #PrayForNice, exploding into a thousand others as people want to #PrayFor France or #PrayForHumanity, failing to acknowledge the horrible truth that this attack was done in some spurious god's name. 

We are projecting weakness. We pride ourselves on our tolerance. We do not understand that being on the moral high ground makes us targets. The terrorists watch it and cheer. They believe that they are winning. It’s their best recruiting tool.

Hopkins continues:

We do not stand strong. We sit like ducks. Waiting to be shot. Helpless, pathetic, slow.

We are reminded to be more tolerant. Liberal lefties takes to the airways lecturing at us, not to react. To remind us of the good and humanity in most people.

Muslim mayors stand and tell us we will be there, shoulder-to-shoulder with France, reminding us Mohamed has nothing to do with ordinary Muslims or Islam.

As with every other time, someone from the BBC informs us many of the victims will have been Muslim, as if that helps.

Trying to give credence to the notion Islam can't be blamed because Muslims died too. And again, we hear a familiar refrain.

And Hopkins brings up Brexit. She is happy that Britain left the EU because that will at least close its borders to new terrorists:

We voted to leave the EU and thank god we did. Free movement of people is also free movement of those will a file marked fiche S. Free movement of a suicide bomber. Or of a man who can laugh as he drives over children and destroys lives.

I am shouting for positive action. For something to be done. For countries to act against terror. Not sit and react amongst the carnage.

It is fair to say that France has not shown as much weakness as many other places. It closed its doors to the recent wave of Muslim refugees. It has been under a state of emergency, a state that allows the police to do whatever they want. For now, the approach has not worked.

To the people of France, Hopkins has this message.

And I look to the people of France and tell them. Do not light a candle, hold a vigil in a public square or share a hashtag. Do not stand united against terror or spend three days mourning.

And, while you are at it, she adds, get rid of this multicultural nonsense:

This is not sustainable. We are not bowling pins. Ready to be knocked down and replaced by the the naive, the believers in multiculturalism. Imagining there is tolerance.

Your hashtags and pretty pictures might make you feel better. But they solve nothing. You are self-medicating on nonsense.

We need action. We need all those 'known' to the police with a fiche S - links to terror and ISIS rounded up. Secured. Locked down. We need to deport those we can't control, control those we can't deport.

France needs to change tack.

She concludes:

You cannot continue to be tolerant.…

We need action. Not reaction. We don't need liberals preaching tolerance.

We don't need another hashtag. Don't #PrayForNice like sheep waiting to be slaughtered. Do something.


AesopFan said...

Hopkins's article demonstrates the existential need to own up to what we are facing: Islamic jihad on steroids.
Why do we have to keep relearning the rule that papering over cracks in the wall eventually finds us with a house falling down around us?
Avoiding, and out-right suppressing, the source of the attacks on the West (and within the Muslim world as well) did nothing to stop them at a time when reasonable steps could be taken.
Now we only have extreme options left.
That is not the fault of the Cassandras (aka Islamophobes), except insofar as too many of them didn't want to speak out loudly enough or support those who were, for fear of their own safety and reputations.

Cultural dislocations work on the same techtonic principle as earthquakes: lack of constant correction in faults builds up into devastating shifts.
Or, if you prefer, the analogy to tipping points is relevant. "The Straw That Broke the Camel's Back" expresses very well the idea that the people will always eventually reach the point where they will not accept one more iota of elite subversion (in this era, multiculti posturing) when lives are being destroyed.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

We live in a toxically sentimental age, where we attack people who take initiative. We think certainty is weak, stupid, brutish, closed. That's wrong. Confident people take initiative, because they know what they believe in. Dogmatic tolerance is believing in nothing. It's nihilism's ugly twin. Abel and Cain.

President Obama is a perfect example of this. He views terrorism as a law enforcement problem. He cannot see any of this being tied to a larger cause or the actions of a larger, coordinated network. This is exceptionally dangerous. As Stephen Coughlin has pointed out in his "Red Pill" briefs, terrorist actions are consistent with Islamic Law and the concept of jihad. They are not just matters of interpretation, they are spelled out in the Koran. Whether a believer chooses to act in this way is his/her own choice. The fact is that some are acting in this regard, and they are being weaponized and coordinated by ideologues who are using accepted scholarly exegesis. This is all propagated by the Muslim Brotherhood and its secondary organizations, who we naively call "moderate." This is a war. Driving a truck through a Bastille Day celebration is an act of war, because it is inherently political. The mechanism needn't be savage or military-like. It's the result that counts. We are at war and in an Article 5 situation.

When we do not prosecute war with the resolve it deserves, we weaken ourselves, elongate conflicts and waste resources. It sounds nice, but it's dangerous. The "moral high ground" is OUR moral high ground, not theirs. Saying we're better than them with moral certitude is like trying to read Shakespeare to monoglot aboriginals in the Amazon rain forest. This is the consequence of not having moral certitude... after all, we've been told everything is relative. Someone smashing your body with a semi truck is not relative. It's real. Multiculturalism has no answer to those who seek to impose cultural supremacy.

As I've said before, tolerance is a substitute for love. I'm not saying we love our enemies, though we can, as sometimes the most loving thing to do is get conflict over with as soon as possible. We ought not tolerate barbarity. We must replace tolerance with our love for ourselves, our families, and our country. That's how we win. But we can't win pretending to care. We have to believe in something bigger than silly academic concepts like whether we exist and asking vacuous questions like "Whose values?"

Our values. Now. Game on.

bubblegum said...

I thought the French got out of Algeria and Africa to get away from the mayhem. But they’ve been importing Algeria and Africa into France to further the mayhem.

France used to rule much of the world, but the world told the French to GO HOME. Thus, French Imperialism came to an end.

But the French aren’t satisfied with France as France. Too small, too provincial, too ‘racist’(according to stupid PC).

So, the French decided to their nation into a mini-world, a grand-nation that resembles an empire of various peoples.
The result is predictable as empires are inherently unstable.
The Old French Empire ended in violence and war, and the new France-as-reconstituted-mini-empire will also spiral into mayhem, violence, and chaos, especially as the French Left(that controls media and academia) instruct immigrant kids to hate white people and blame the West for all the evils in the world. (Also, those immigrant youths are raised on American anti-white rap culture.)

Ares Olympus said...

Stuart: We are projecting weakness. We pride ourselves on our tolerance. We do not understand that being on the moral high ground makes us targets. The terrorists watch it and cheer. They believe that they are winning. It’s their best recruiting tool.

Its a curious idea, projecting weakness. The reality is we are weak and vulnerable. We have soft fleshy bodies that don't trivially survive violent attacks.

And I don't know why being on the moral high ground makes us targets.

If all the terrorist have to do is keep killing innocent people to win, then we're definitely doomed since there's no way to protect ourselves from violence except by enabling our own governments to do whatever it takes to keep us safe, which probably will be more constraining for the majority than their personal dangers by terrorists or criminals.

I suppose there will always confused young men who can't see a positive path in life and feel powerless will say "Hey, that's cool! I wish I could murder 70 random people too."

Stuart's new motto works for all would be criminals and terrorists too "Don't Just Feel [hatred]: Do Something!"

Anonymous said...