Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Lawlessness Comes to Germany

To no one’s surprise, lawlessness continues to descend on Germany. Angela Merkel’s open arms policy of admitting Muslim refugees in massive numbers has produced a crime wave. We note that Hillary Clinton has expressed her great admiration for Merkel and her policies.

The London Express reports:

During the first six months of 2016, migrants committed 142,500 crimes, according to the Federal Criminal Police Office.

And the country has been hit by a spate of horrendous violent crime including rapes, sexual and physical assaults, stabbings, home invasions, robberies, burglaries and drug trafficking.

Adding to the country's woes is the fact that thousands of people have gone missing after travelling to the country on invitation from the country's leader.

Germany took in more than 1.1million migrants in the past year and parts of the country are crippled with a lack of infrastructure.

It’s not just the numbers. German policy, always sensitive to multicultural concerns, has shown leniency to immigrant criminals. The results could easily have been predicted. In many instances they were.

The Express continued:

According to Freddi Lohse of the German Police Union in Hamburg, many migrant offenders view the leniency of the German justice system as a green light to continue delinquent behaviour, says the report.

A female police officer explained her every day experience:

In a new book, Tania Kambouri, a German police officer, said: "For weeks, months and years I have noticed that Muslims, mostly young men, do not have even a minimum level of respect for the police.

"When we are out patrolling the streets, we are verbally abused by young Muslims.

"There is the body language, and insults like 's*** cop' when passing by.

"If we make a traffic stop, the aggression increases ever further, this is overwhelmingly the case with migrants.

"It cannot be that offenders continue to fill the police files, hurt us physically, insult us, whatever, and there are no consequences.

"Many cases are closed or offenders are released on probation or whatever.

"Yes, what is happening in the courts today is a joke."

If it keeps on like this soon it will be as bad as Chicago.


Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Islam means "submission." These people come from Assadland, which has been a brutal Baathist place for as long as these migrants remember.

If German society is showing they don't expect these Syrian young men to submit to authority, then it's open season... on Germans.

Trigger Warning said...

I have a bad habit of playing with words. But it occurs to me that Assadland should be pronounced a-sad'-land. For it truly is. Barrel bombs and chlorine gas. No wonder young, healthy Muslim men are running away and leaving their women and children behind. They can't hide behind them anymore.

gdnctr said...

They are NOT 'refugees'.
They are NOT 'migrants'.
They are NOT 'immigrants'.
They are NOT 'asylum seekers'.
They are NOT 'citizens'; nor will they ever be citizens of any country, except of the subhuman, murderous, political filth & ideological sewage called islam.
And islam is NOT a 'religion'. It is a total political-social system, intended and designed for conquest, destruction and death of anything which opposes it.
The enemy is the subhuman filth, called islam. It is incompatible with Western Civilization.
They are carrying diseases we eradicated decades ago, and re-spreading them throughout the Western World's Civilizations.
The islamists will not assimilate, and are coming to take over your country, your way of life, and kill us all.
The flood of islamic rapists, mutilators, molesters and murderers is just beginning.
It will get many times worse this year, even after Merkel & 0sambo are gone from office, and are back in hell where they belong.
The murderous islamic caliphate, and its subhuman, lowlife tribal moslem filth, are on the move, worldwide.
The murderous filth of islam - moslems - are your problem, not 'gun control' and 'climate change'.
Wake-up Europe and America!

Anonymous said...

How we forget! The brown ones in Europe should understand the overarching talent of western civilization. Mathematics? Science? Music? Ummmm... yes, but the top talent is mass murder - on an industrial scale.

Pushing the Germans against the wall is the height of stupidity.

Blogger said...
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