Sunday, November 20, 2016

SNL-- Living in the Bubble

Last night Saturday Night Live offered this commercial for a new real estate development-- called The Bubble:


Ares Olympus said...

Wow, it looks like a good idea everyone can have their safe space.

And Stephen Hawkins thinks Humanity's days are numbered, unless we can colonize other worlds, because space is much more hospitable than what the earth is going to look like in a few hundred years. So these bubbles would make for good social science experiments in how small groups of like-minded people learn how not to kill each other when they agree too much.

But it could still be multiculturalism, except every culture will have their own space, maybe not a whole city bubble, but many smaller bubbles where only people of your kind can enter.

I wonder if they'll let in the Muslim refugees, just a few million of people who can't speak the language, and can't find employment above janitor, and are not interested in encouraging their children to integrate. Perhaps they'll conspire to outbreed the natives and create Sharia law!

And there was just an NPR interviewer with Richard Spencer, a self-declared white supremacist, or I mean white nationalist or is that Alt-right, so many names...
Spencer isn’t shy about sharing his vision: a white ethno-state, a “safe space for Europeans,” he says.

“Should only white Europeans be considered U.S. citizens?” host Kelly McEvers asked.

“The citizenship… is not something that can be changed,” Spencer said, before adding “right away.”

Spencer says different races and ethnicities simply cannot get along.

“Do we really like each other? Do we really love each other? Do we really have a sense of community on that subway car…”

“Whenever different races are in the same school, there’ll be a natural segregation at lunchtime, at PE, in terms of after-school play,” he responded.

Anyway I think we need more SciFi stories about these adventures in human bubbles to see where they take us.

Trigger Warning said...

That would be Stephen HawkING, Ares. Stephen Hawkins is a sportswriter who doesn't comment on astrophysics or futurism. :-D

Just tryin' to be helpful...

Trigger Warning said...

I'm guessing, Ares, given that your vocabulary is about at the level of an ATM, that you have a special place in your heart for recent immigrants.

So, welcome to America! FYI, we'd like to keep it like it was before you got here.

Sam L. said...

I liked the part about how they can't get fire or police types to move there.
NPR talked to a "white supremacist". Another source I trust not.
I'm thinking someone should do a parody of Don Ho's "Tiny Bubbles", calling it "Tiny Bubbles of the Mind".

Trigger Warning said...

With Barack "Choom" Obama on solo ukelele.