Monday, November 14, 2016

No More Bigot Shaming

An anonymous commenter posted this on the previous post. It's Jonathan Pie's explanation for why Hillary lost. It's well worth your time. Trigger warning: Pie uses a significant number of obscenities:


Ares Olympus said...

Here's an article on the same lines, and the problem with bigot shaming isn't for your targets, but for your own sense of reality when you discover not everyone is living in the same bubble as you.

Demonization only "works" if you win power. And when you don't you have to retreat deeper into your bubble OR realize you were fooling yourself. And all the protesters right now think they've advancing, while they're actually acting like Trump, saying "the wall just got 10 feet higher", the wall in their own hearts to see the source of their animosity is within their own capacity of hate, and held supended by largely imaginary oppressions that will always exist in a complex world of competing interests.
Liberals are afraid of their own shadows right now. That’s because they’ve created anti-matter, Mr. Hyde caricatures of the Trumpettes — the average little guys who support Trump. These shadows that liberals have cast by their own self-deceit now surround them, and they believe the grotesquely exaggerated images they have created.

Liberals have for months been retelling each other every day that Trump supporters are all bigots, homophobes, xenophobes and misogynists. They painted Trump supporters with a broad crimson-stained brush as being entirely motivated by hatred. On one level, I’m sure they created this image of the Trumpettes in order to win the election — by making making them look like the KKK fan club, which no decent person would want to belong to.

There is, however, a deadly downside to this kind of demonization: you cannot do it unless you also convince yourself that the stereotype you are creating is true — otherwise you’d live in the knowledge that you are a liar. Nobody wants to live in the knowledge that he or she is a liar, and it is simple to convince yourself that the stereotype you are believing is true because that is who you want to simplify the other side anyway.

As a result, liberals were shocked, while I was not, that Trump won. They were shocked to discover that they live in a nation filled with haters.

I suspected Trump would win, as I’ve said here, because he was far more likely to have a horde of closet supporters than Hillary was. Why? Because not everyone in this world is brave or politically inclined, even though they vote. And when liberals demand political correctness by demonizing those who don’t stay in those bounds, they simply drive people underground.

When politically correct speech rules the day, those who do not think in politically correct ways and who are not politically inclined decide they’re just not going to talk about who they vote for because they don’t want to have arguments with friends or even lose friends. They don’t want to be labeled as racists for their views when they know they are not racist but don’t know how to prove they are not against such charges.
For liberals, just consider all that I’ve said above, and stop doing the demonization, start looking to find common ground on areas of immigration concern where it has more to do with how it affects the job of the neighbor you love and more to do with how to be wise about terrorism. That doesn’t mean the doors are slammed shut, but you ought to be able to focus on the common ground and work with accomplishing what can happen there. You just may find the things that bind us together are greater than the things that alienate us once we stop demonizing the other side and seek common ground.

Paul said...

I assume everyone knows, but just in case not, Jonathan Pie is the ranting newsreader character played by actor/comedian Tom Walker.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

I did not know it... so thanks for the information.

Trigger Warning said...

Hey, I just read a headline saying "Swedish chef attacked by 'Muslim men'".

Leave the Muppets alone, a**holes. That's why we invented neutron bombs. And that's a trigger warning.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

OMG, that's... like... so RACIST! I'm... like... triggered and stuff. Ugh... like... so offended. He seems... like... really angry and stuff.

Ares Olympus said...

Here's an example today
According to WSAZ, a message about the current first lady was shared thousands of times after it was posted on Facebook by Clay County Development Corporation Director Pamela Taylor.
“It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady in the White House,” Taylor wrote. “I’m tired of seeing an ape in heels.”

Clay Mayor Beverly Whaling reportedly praised Taylor’s post, writing, “Just made my day Pam.”

An online petition signed by 1,000 people called for both Taylor and Whaling to be fired.

For Taylor’s part, she insisted to WSAZ that she had already been reprimanded by the Clay County Development Corporation, which is funded by taxpayer money.

Taylor argued that the incident had been turned into a “hate crime against me.”

Taylor feels the petition is a hate crime against her!

Really, I'm not sure what should be done. If we assume white people see black people look like "apes" then it it only natural that white people would see blacks as unattractive and make snide comments in private, but as soon as those comments become public, suddenly the speaker herself is being treated unkindly, being judged by strangers who may just be projecting their own "unspeakable" racism into this poor innocent victim, who only says what everyone else is thinking, and now has to be punished merely for saying it in a public place.

At any rate, probably we can accept Taylor has some "self-hate" issues herself, and perhaps she spends hours every day making herself look presentable to the world, so we all can look upon classy white woman and be glad she dresses well, with the assets she has. So if she's a little catty to an undeserving first lady, well, we should be glad she doesn't tell us more what she thinks.

Anyway, I agree trying to shame and silence racist thoughts is a hopeless mission. All you have to do is say "How would you feel if someone talked about you that way?" And then she'd probably talk for 3 or 4 hours about all the mean things people have said about her looks over the years, and we could show sympathy. And at the end, she'd have some compassion for homely looking Michelle, and all would be better, ALL without labeling her a racist.

Or something like that? Do we really need to punish people for words?

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Cut and paste some more, Ares. Sniff the glue while you're at it.

Farm Boy said...

Yeah, kinda funny. The guy does make some good points. hillary and the left don't engage in discussion because their platform is full-on socialism, and they know that if they state that, then they are toast. They are hard-core Marxist commie socialists and they try to disguise this behind their worn "break the glass ceiling" "Republicans are racist" nonsense. They are a spent force and the US just did a 180 in the right direction. Hopefully we can rid ourselves of this stupid college professor childish fantasyland socialism nonsense.

Trump is going to be a fabulous president b/c he is not beholden to special interests and global capitalist cronies and he knows how to make hard decisions for the greater good. He also has shown how to take on the anti-American pro-socialist dumbass clowns in the media. The adults are back in charge.

This ranting dude needs to spin up on a lot of facts. Does he know what the 500-millibar surface is? Then he should shut his mouth about "climate change" b/c he does not know schitt about climate dynanmics, just like his fellow morons who think climate is going to "change" and we're all going to die. Dope.

Dennis said...

Farm Boy,

Trump has not shown much interest in science, may not mean anything, which might be a good thing because he maybe less inclined to politics it like Obama. We may actually return science to being science.
I have to admit that it took me a while before I recognized that Trump was playing our supposed betters for fools. The surprising thing is that even Trump's most unintelligent voter as determined by the smartest people in the room understood what Trump was actually saying.
When Trump mentioned the "Wall" it was a metaphor for an immigration system that was out of control and that a Wall does not have to be physical in nature to be effective in stemming the tide of an unfettered inflow of illegals. Does one really believe that Trump, who is in construction, does not recognize that the topology of the southern border would make it difficult to do and that Congress was never going to spend that kind of money. Even the idea of a Wall can have a positive affect and just maybe we can get the immigration reform that has been held hostage by the establishment.
Further, deporting illegals was also a metaphor for an immigration system that does not support the best interests of this country. The same here as the Wall for the unsophisticated Trump voter who had no real desire to deport large numbers of people any more that Trump did. It was aimed more at the criminal element infecting this country from place like Mexico and cities that are protecting these criminals as can be demonstrated by San Francisco's uncaring attitude for Kate Stinley (sp.)
Again, I find a great deal of humor in the fact that almost everyone who thinks they are our betters were so easily hoisted on their own petard. Even some who should have known better.
One could go down much of Trump's platform.

Dennis said...


In Sun Tzu's Annotated Art of War #7 "Hence in the wise leader's plans, consideration of advantages and of disadvantages will be blended together." Mao stated "In every apparent disadvantage, some advantage is to be found. The converse is true."
Too many people failed to see that politics is the art of war by other means. The left and all of its various cadre only paid attention to its supposed advantages and it seems to me that Trump understood this and used it agains't them.
It was not as if Trump did not broadcast what he had in mind it was that our betters chose to ignore it and kept doing everything in their power to alienate as if that was going to be a winning proposition. It is what happens when one underestimates their opponent especially an opponent who recognizes it and utilizes it to their benefit.
Much of the drivel emanating from still fails to see how their own arrogance did them in.