Saturday, November 11, 2017

Meanwhile, Back in Germany

How are things in Paradise? You know which Paradise I mean: the great nation of Germany, led by the totally woke Chancellor Angela Merkel.

While progressive Americans are manning the battlements to stop the Trump administration from allowing in more refugees, Germany shines forth as a laboratory where we can see what happens when a nation admits Muslim immigrants promiscuously. The result: general impoverishment. Hello refugees; good-bye prosperity.

One understands that all great humanitarians, beginning with our own citizen of the world, want to live in a world without borders. If the incoming flow of refugees damages the nation, we, as a privileged white male bastion, deserve it.

Today, the Legal Insurrection blog (via Maggie’s Farm) reports on the latest from Germany. You recall that Merkel opened her arms to over a million Muslim refugees a couple of years ago. Said refugees, nearly none of whom found gainful employment, leeched off of the welfare system. That is, when they were not launching their own private crime wave.

LI explains:

“About 20 percent of people in Germany are threatened by poverty,” says Germany’s Federal Statistical Office.

“It’s just obvious you can’t have free immigration and a welfare state,” Nobel prize-winning economist Milton Friedman warned decade ago. Germany, on the brink of Angela Merkel’s fourth term as country’s Chancellor, is discovering the painful truth behind these words.

Apparently, it’s not obvious to everyone. The statistics come to us from the German government, a reliable source, don’t you think?

Latest data released by Germany’s Federal Statistical Office paints a grim picture of the society. Around 16 million Germans were living in poverty — approximately 20 percent of the country’s population. The poverty figure were “higher than ever since the unification,” German media reported. Another German study published last month claimed that 21 percent of German children were living in long-term poverty. Old-age poverty is on the rise as well.

This growing impoverishment of the society comes at a time when German government is spending billions on its ‘Refugee’ Policy. Government spent €20 billion on migrants last year alone. Germany has earmarked €94 billion to cover the cost of migrants for the near future. This does not include the long-term social and economic cost of supporting a large migrant population.

The media elites and the politicians responsible for the debacle are spinning as fast as they can:

While the German politicians and media have been downplaying the economic and social costs of unregulated mass migration from Middle East and North Africa, the reality is coming back to bite the unwitting German taxpayer.

Contrary to what the mainstream media would like you to believe, illegal migrant swarming into Germany won’t be relieving Germany’s aging workforce or become productive citizens in other ways. “More and more foreigners are dependent on the state. In past year, the number of foreigners seeking benefits has gone up by 25 percent,” German newspaper Bild Zeitung reported last month.

Many of the recent migrants, mostly fighting-age Arab and Muslim man, have made themselves at home within Germany’s welfare system. Migrant unemployment has reached record high with 2 million immigrants now on the dole.

After all, why should they work? They see themselves as the vanguard as an invading army. They are living off of German citizens while trying to Islamicize the nation. The costs will continue to mount and Germany—the backbone of Europe—will continue to fall apart:

Migrants that are already in the country could cost German taxpayer up to €1.5 trillion, claims an economic study published last year. “If the second generation [of these refugees] cannot be integrated into the workforce at par with the native population, this costs will rise up to €1.5 trillion,” Berlin-based think-tank Stiftung Marktwirtschaft believes.

Good luck with that.


Paul said...

The numbers in the last para don't make sense since they are the same. But they are like that in the original.

Sam L. said...

Why does the phrase, "Aprez moi, le deluge" come to mind? Although it's not likely to be "aprez". Mertel is kicking the can down the road, and planting land mines in the road behind her.

Jack Fisher said...

This wouldn't have happened in the former GDR, and Stasi would have made short work of any islam trash who didn't keep his place.

Sam L. said...

Now that's HARSH, Jack, but truth often is.

Jack Fisher said...

Après nous, le déluge -- also the motto of RAF 617 "Dambusters" Squadron