Sunday, November 26, 2017

What About the Children?

There’s no method to the transgender madness. Things are getting so bad that The Economist is calling for a halt to the sexual mutilation. They, as we are especially concerned that children who are brainwashed into thinking that they are transgender are subjected to biochemical abuse… thus making it far more difficult, if not impossible to return to their birth gender.

Research has shown that a large majority of children who call themselves transgender will change their minds, so what purpose is served by removing this choice… and basing it on a child’s belief. Transgender activists and especially the physicians who are practicing this monstrosity should be indicted and jailed.

The Economist offers its perspective:

Gender reassignment is a momentous choice, since it causes irreversible physical changes and, if surgery is done to reshape the genitalia, perhaps also sterility. For gender-dysphoric children the clock is ticking, since puberty moulds bodies in ways no drugs or scalpel can undo. Waiting until adulthood to start the transition therefore means worse results.

Some clinics buy time with puberty-blockers, which suppress the action of sex hormones. But these may have harmful side-effects. Furthermore, most gender-dysphoric children will probably not become transgender adults. Studies are scarce and small, but suggest that, without treatment, a majority will end up comfortable in their birth sex, so treatment would be harmful. Unfortunately, no one knows how to tell which group is which. Yet some trans activists have thrown caution to the wind. Specialists who start by trying to help gender-dysphoric children settle in their birth identities, rather than making a speedy switch, risk being labelled transphobes and forced out of their jobs. Few are willing to say that some such children may actually be suffering from a different underlying problem, such as anorexia or depression.

Won’t someone think of the children?

It is bad enough that doctors, parents and gender-dysphoric children must make high-stakes choices against time without good evidence about what will happen. Worse is that children’s plight is being used by adults as an opportunity for moral grandstanding. The child’s interests depend not on the feelings of transgender activists—nor those of feminists—but on facts that still need to be established. Doctors need to know more about how to tell when gender dysphoria is likely to persist. Until they have that information, they should not rush in with drugs. Before acting, doctors should have reasonable grounds for thinking that they are doing good.

Yes, indeed. No one thinking of the children. We count it as fortunate that a high prestige publication like the Economist is calling out this postmodern madness.


whitney said...

The transgender movement is like Manna From Heaven for Munchausen moms. I applaud The Economist for taking this stand also

trigger warning said...

Child abuse, plain and simple. I have no doubt that many of the parents doing this would be among the first to condemn the misguided religious (eg, Christian Scientists and Jehovah's Witnesses) for denying their children health care.

Ares Olympus said...

I've been watching Star Trek Voyager on Netflix recently and the most surprising thing that nearly episode something catastrophic occurs to some member which is casually reversed at the end of the hour by their holographic doctor. I knew Star Trek was about "techno-optimism" and I can see the attraction - it means humanity is free to make unlimited mistakes without real consequence.

I have to suppose our modern will to plastic surgery, "organ" enhancements, hormone therapy, and now gender changing surgeries, these all arise from a techno-optimism, that we can be anything we want to be, and wrongly trust that there are no irreversible consequences to our experimentation. And even if these work out for 90% of people, my pessimism would worry I'd be in the unlucky 10%, and deserve it for listening to my vanity and self-dissatisfaction.

If fear against irreversible changes isn't enough to stop the madness, I think looking at self-hatred seems the most useful. If you can't accept yourself as you are now, what makes you think you'll be satisfied by just one one surgery? It looks to me that some core psychological need should be identified before believing physical appearances will change how you feel about yourself inside.

Shaun F said...

In a related discussion a comment from a friend of mine who's girlfriend is a teacher. "They have a transgender teacher at the high school where XXXX works and it is actively seeking to recruit young teens into the movement. It's even been warned by the principal against this and is complaining of transphobia to any who will listen. Some of the other teachers are even supporting it in a disturbing manner of virtue signalling."