Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The India-Israel Alliance

While Western intellectuals are trying to boycott Israel, especially Israeli academics, the Jewish state has been turning its diplomatic attention toward Asia, among other places. We have previously reported on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent trip to Israel. 

Now we read, in the Legal Insurrection blog, that a leading business school in India has  just established an “Israel Center,” the better to foster collaboration between the two nations.

Vijeta Uniyal reports:

One of the leading business schools in India, Bangalore-based Indian Institute of Management (IIM), has set up an ‘Israel Center’ on its campus with the aim to “bridge academic collaboration” between India and Israel.

The center will carry out academic research, and promote faculty and student exchange programs between the two countries. “The Israel Centre at IIM Bangalore will lead to upgrading of academic collaboration between India and Israel, and will make our countries and economies stronger,” said Israel’s envoy to India Ambassador Daniel Carmon, at the inauguration ceremony on Sunday.

“India’s strong aspirational entrepreneurial spirit stands to gain from Israel’s vibrant technology-based innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem,” Director of the institute, Professor G. Raghuram said in a statement welcoming the launch of the center.

Surely, this is a good thing. And it is real. It is not very dramatic and does not follow the movement of the Hegelian World Spirit. But it is certainly important, far more important than the BDS and SJP demonstrators who are shutting down pro-Israeli speakers on American campuses. 

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Good for the Indians.