Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Womanspreading Gone Wild

In regard to my earlier post on womanspreading, the Daily Mail has scoured Instagram to reveal some of the recent and highly fashionable examples of womanspreading. Perhaps you want to have the evidence before forming a judgment. Surely, you will agree that these women are adopting power poses. Power to the people!!

As the old saying goes: What would we do without the Daily Mail.

Bella Hadid is among the celebrities who have been womanspreading on Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski recently adopted the powerful stance in one of her recent snaps

Other Instagram users have also been seen womanspreading in their snapsĀ 

Other social media users have been poking fun at the manspreading trend on public transport


Jack Fisher said...

Was someone complaining?

MikeyParks said...

Leg spreading doesn't give one power. Okay, maybe SOME leg spreading gives one power.

Sam L. said...

Comment reconsidered.

Shaun F said...

This "movement"(?) and it's participants, although entertaining, are kind of sad. Mind you most people that are part of movements - are kind of sad. I can't wait for next weeks new movement.

art.the.nerd said...

The first three women can spread all they want. The two women in the last picture? Not so much. They aren't just spreading, they are taking up valuable seating space.

Ares Olympus said...

whitney, I see.

So (1) she was angry at his taking her space and used her anger assertively to get him to back off (2) He didn't like being told what to do and exploded into a rant (3) She tried to ignore him by putting a headset on (4) He didn't like being ignored, so he punched her (5) Another man came to her rescue. (6) The perpetrator apologized. (7) Everyone left angry and misunderstood.

So the lessons learned might be (1) Make requests kindly if you want cooperation (2) Don't ignore angry strangers yelling at you. (3) Probably if you don't want to be afraid for the rest of your life, you're better off accepting the apology, and shaking hands. (4) If you can't deal with 1-3, make sure there are always white knights near by who will save you.

whitney said...

We had very different assessments of and reactions to that article